Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WTNW Demo - Battle of three armies

A big thank you goes out to Bill and Sabrina for allowing me to run a game at their game store Sun Coast Comics. Their store is amazing guys! There is a full retail store chock full of goodies from gundam kits to GW miniatures and all kinds of comics in between. Their gaming space contains areas for card games, rpgs, painting stations, computer stations and six framed gaming tables for miniatures complete with full shelves of terrain ready for gaming. I was impressed! We also made a change to the main rules.

I arrived about an hour or so before Joey did and I setup a table with a small village and scientific station.  We had a full table for this game and there were several people who came by to check out the cool steampunk miniatures. This mission was set on Venus and it featured the usual suspects of pieces of the British Northern Army and the German Kliensdeutschland Korps. The Germans also had the Ubertodd commanded directly by a lesser General Todd as Sub CinC and the British had a pair of Ruan Martian Fliers. The Germans also had a captured Skvani Death Walker and this beast dominated the table for most of the game. This was an experimental battle using multiple capital units and machines per side and less infantry. Each side had three battalion of infantry and one battalion of elite infantry. The Germans claimed a minor victory.

 The second game featured a Martian guarded cannon. I used the really cool Warmachine cannon and setup a control station. The Martians used the Overlord invasion force and had four tripods and one Death Walker. The British had the Littleton Landship and several machines and the Germans had the Zyklops Landship and several machines. The object was to either capture or destroy the cannon which had a 7 threshold. This game used lots of sabotage and maneuvering. In the end the Overlords were defeated by the combined might of the British and Germans who then later fought a small skirmish over the cannon with their remaining forces.

We ran into a snag which was quickly fixed. Whenever you are playing a tournament game or you need to determine who moves first such as if you are trying to out maneuver your enemy's walkers or ufos.

WTNW Initiative Errata
As an addendum to the main rules After determining Command Points each player will roll 1d6 with ties being rerolled until there are no ties. Whoever rolls the highest has initiative and may either move first or force their opponent to move first. The order of movement is still determined by highest to lowest Command Value but use the initiative roll for determining units that move first which have the same Command Value. This is an additional rule designed to streamline game play. It is not an optional or advanced rule.

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