Friday, December 2, 2011

WTNW Airships and Skypirates - What You Get

ACG003 is over 100 pages as the book is chock full of information, battles, maps, artwork and almost 20 army lists! The rules include an all new game for fleet-only battles in the skies and in space using 1/1200 scale miniatures. This cost for the print version is $30.00 and the PDF will be comparable to the other WTNW titles already available.

What you get:
  • History of the Airships and Skypirates
  • Description of Airship units in the WTNW world
  • All new rules for 3d combat!
  • Dogfighting rules for small flying unit battles including
    • Areal maneuvers
    • Stalling
    • Tactics
  • All new rules for battles using 1/1200 scale fleets in the sky and in space including
    • Fleet formations
    • Flagship operations
    • Fleet orders
  • Six new scenarios (two air-ground, two air-air, two aethership combat)
  • New edges and flaws for airship combat including rocket packs and bombs
  • New Aetheric combat chart
  • Multiple Army lists for all three theaters of operation!


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  2. ACG

    The burning question is do Sky Pirates say Arrrgh!

  3. No, they say AHHHH because they fall from a great height when shot by pirate hunters.

  4. Actually, it sounds more like AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa............

    Trails off with the distance, you see.