Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Super Dungeon Session 24 Days 61 & 62

The party arrives at Caldmore and stay at the Rogue Nobleman Inn late at night. Immediately they are met by closed doors to the town. A guard shouts down to the party that since they are with Amos he would let them in but the tiger would require a leash. Scratch did not like this. The rest of the party was indifferent to Scratch's pain. The keen eyes of the party picked up that something was amiss and no townsfolk were to be seen. Inquiring they were told of the curfew and that Lt Callam would address them in the morning.

After a nice rest in a good room indoors for a change the party meets downstairs to the stylings of Quinland's bardic followers. In the morning they meet Harry the proprietor and his serving wenches. After a fine and full breakfast and many tales and songs the group decide to head out but not before meeting a Helmite cleric who asks to tag along. They spend a day in the small town of Caldmore and are able to procure some magical trinkets, sell some of their own wares and barter with the locals and merchantfolk.

One bit of excitement was when the party had a brief encounter with someone using invisibility who tried to pick pocket Tyne but was unsuccessful to which Tyne, Vayne and Scratch the tiger chased the invisible person up the side of the inn and onto the roof where they lost his sent.

Surprisingly in another district of town Meg and Vayne were again interrupted by interlopers this time visible ones that appeared to be in their late teens who when faced with the very obvious fury of a tiger decided to take the prudent course and not waylay the band. Thus they were able to keep the ring of sustenance that was purchased from the magical wares shop.

The remainder of the morning was spent gathering supplies, horses, food, a wagon and other traveling necessities including fur to protect from the upcoming winter cold. The armorsmith Griet and the stablemaster were very happy to oblige the companions.

That afternoon their shopping spree came to an end at the aforementioned tavern where they were finally greeted by the Lt Callam who after briefly looking them up and down ended the game with the cliffhanger phrase "I've never seen any of you before. You must be new in town." then saying slowly "You couldn't have committed the murders. I need your help."

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