Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Super Dungeon Session 23 Day 61

For those of you keeping up when we last left the heroes they had escaped the vampire lord's mansion with the little girl in tow. The players rescued the girl from the clutches of the Vampire lord and made some powerful friends in the process. The baron himself threw them a huge party and set them up with their own lands just outside of town between the town proper and the blockhouse that is the Spinning Rat Tavern. They have setup a base camp of sorts at the town of Fairhaven and have been given an assignment to deliver a letter to the Duke of Mistledown on behalf of the Baron.

They have been gone many days and have already encountered highway bandits in the form of hill giants which they have evaded, a forest with creatures that seem out of place like axebeaks and giant pike, and a woods where the forces of another world seem to crossover to the world of Faerun.

On the way they have fought draconians and other beasts from Kyrnn and met Brownie Quicklings from Grayhawk. Mostly recently a new traveling companion, a knight calling himself Amos and his retinue a band of bards, have signed on to follow Quinlan.

Yesterday, the party found some ruins that they were told mysterious disappear and reappear like magic. They were able to overhear the conversation of humaniods speaking goblinoid and talking about roasting a few brownies for the pot. They charged in and they and had it out with an small band of bugbears leading orcs and an ogre. The Ogre was defeated by a combination of a shocking grasp spell delivered by Tyne's bat familiar and the heavy crossbow shots from Sigrid's deadly weapon. Of course the ogre did get an attack of opportunity at the familiar as it passed within and did get a nasty smacking by the ogre's greatclub. Quinlin provided much needed support in the form of encouraging song that bolstered his friends and the bard was able to take down one of the beasts with his bow. The majority of the creatures including the bugbear leader Griaem was hidden within the ruins themselves.

The fight proceeded around the ruins into the heart of enemy territory then and then the fight was really on! Tyne made a daring attack leading with both rapers and dropping from the height of the ruins onto the back of Griaem the Bugbear leader to take him out. The game was an artistic a combination of graceful maneuvers on behalf of the party and savage tactics meted out by Sigrid and Vayne who is the large lion in the picture (the smaller lion is his familiar Scratch).

Let me take a second to say how great these maps are to be able to use them for above ground and below-ground in the same battle. I differentiated the levels by placing crystals on the bases on whoever was above on the top of the ruins.

The maps are a combination of Scying Eye Games Forest Roads package and the Shines mappack from Piazo. I think they work rather well together myself.


  1. *whispers* I think Tyne led with his *rapiers*...otherwise, a stellar account of heroic combat! :]

  2. @Alfred - Thank you sir! Yes it was Tyne not the Bugbear leader that indeed led with the rapiers!