Thursday, December 29, 2011

Predator - Warengine

Just got done playing Warengine Predator. We used figures from the Hero Scape line of miniatures for the heroes and from the Horror Clix Predators for the Predator. This is a modification of a scenario my buddy Ray did for convention games. My dad played the good guys lead by Dutch and I played the Predator. Dutch's mission was to find and rescue Anna whom the predator was using as bait to lure out the team.

One by one I eliminated the good guys using my laser until Billy using the Eagle Eye trait spotted the tell-tale sign of my invisible shield as I moved quickly in the trees. Dillion unloaded with his chain gun causing a casualty but I took out two more of the team.

Finally it was down to just Billy, Dutch and one other when I was able to take down Billy with a spear and the other guy but Dutch came in with flying colors. In the final showdown Dutch was seriously wounded by was able to take me down and rescue Ana.

After Dad defeated me as I set off the self destruct laughing at the inevitable demise of everyone in the jungle.
The thing I love about Warengine is that I can get a game in under an hour. Including setup time this game took about an hour and a half to put up and take down. We took turns moving our figures and the play was very smooth.

All-in-all the game was fairly even. I did not give the Predator any hero points. Hero points are used in the game to modify the dice roll by one point for each Hero point spent. I felt that the Predator had three hit points already and had the stealthy edge which made it almost impossible for the team to get off the first shots. Dad learned quickly however to use his reserve actions to place his guys on overwatch and keep an eye out for the big bad. Next time we might do a battle on Endor using Star Wars figures.


  1. The older I get, the more I value games that allow you to get in, get playing and get done with maximum fun!

  2. The good thing about WE is that although the rules were not designed for this type of gaming it is very easy to modify them to serve this purpose. This game engine is for a game called ShockForce made by Aaron Overton. The game was intended to be played in a 40k esque setting in the far future. I have some of the minis they are actually pretty good and the setting itself is rather rich and is on par with Void and most of the other 40kesque games out there. This game was already good and Ray took it with some other guys and really made it much better imho. I have Ray's conversions and a few of my own. I have run demos of this game before at the cons and I am one of the 'Stormreavers'. I hope to be able to get more of WE in next year and hopefully see more of Ray and the other guys who like WE. I have rules for modern, vietnam, star wars, 40k, zombies, VSF and other settings using modified WE rules.