Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr Heat Miser Prelim

Stating out Heat Miser
Tonight I will be posting the first of the pair of giants from that well-loved fantasy “A Christmas without a Santa Claus” – The Hot-Head himself, King of Flames, Duke of Summer, Master of Fire, Mr. Heat Miser.

To start off with I want to say that I am doing this purely for fun and only and have no intention of this being ‘the official stats’ for anything. I want to do more than just have a bard Fire Giant though. Here is some of what I am currently tinkering with as far as abilities though this is subject to change as I finalize the brute.

Preliminary Ideas
15th level Bard advanced Fire Giant with the ability to use level 1-4 fire based spells as a supernatural ability at will and an ability to summon human-sized “fire giants” that look exactly like small versions of Mr. Heat Miser X amount of times per day. He is going to be huge size though I briefly tinkered with gargantuan I think that huge is more fitting as he is very big in the cartoon and movie but is still proportional to a human. 

His rock throwing ability will be that much more potent due to his size and strength increases. His base natural armor will increase and he will get a boatload of skills, feats and abilities to which I intend to focus toward the good Mr. Heat Miser’s bardic side. He will be Chaotic Neutral but with a slight nod toward pranks and being naughty. I envision his Challenge Rating being in the mid to high 20s.

He's going to be a singing-dancing hot-head with a bad temper and a tenancy to shoot first and ask questions later. He will have the ability to alter the weather to make it warmer but I am not entirely sure how I am going to go with it as in the show he was able to do that to an entire town. Like he says "I'm too much!"

I leave you with a song and dance.

Edit: Joey, my layout artist has said that I have officially lost my mind. Maybe it's time to start thinking about Mad Scientists and Automatons for WTNW?


  1. I like it, I think there are some good druid spells that you could give him access to that has some great affects, and those higher level spells can easily affect an area as large as small cities.

  2. Might as well make it an epic level encounter. :)

    As an escapee from the Blood wars, the fiend known as Heat Miser has chosen residence in the plane of Coordinate Opposition, not content with the destruction of all existence, like most T'narri. The Heat Miser is more concerned with forcing all winter festivals to turn from all things cold and revere instead the polar opposite.

    The Heat Miser is a Chaotic Neutral Balor with levels in Bard, using specific summon ability, he can summon 1d8 fire mephits that have bard levels.

  3. Seems to me he should have a disintegrate spell that has no range.

  4. Good point Indy! I apologize guys as I am in the middle of putting WTNW Airships and Skypirates to bed and got sidetracked last night with episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Here's an idea. Why don't you try to give some examples of how you see Heat Miser? I will continue to work on the giant angle and Ladyskunk why don't you work on a Balor angle? I think there's plenty of room for many interpretations.