Friday, December 30, 2011

Game Boards - Foam Insulation Experiment Pt I

Yesterday I started working on a game board using some styrofoam and textured paint. I placed two empty cans together to make a sort of workbench outside and then covered both sections of the foam with the textured paint. I am hoping that the paint gives the board an uneven look so as to be more natural. After I was done coating the boards with the textured paint I left them to dry overnight.

This morning I went back and painted the first layer of the base coat over the top of the boards. You can see some of the white textured paint poking through since the green base is still wet. I am hoping once it is dry this will not be the case. After the paint dries in about four hours I will go back and determine if I need to apply a second base coat or if I am able to start on the layering of various shades of greens and browns to give it an earthly look.

When the coats are dry I will make a determination on the configuration of the boards since I have left them in their original shape. These are boards used to shore up insulation in the walls of houses. I am thinking I will cut them into sections so as to be able to use them in various formats. I was initially going to make a stream or river for my 20mm Vietnam but I have decided that can wait until I am satisfied with the results of the earth sections of the board.

This whole thing is really just an experiment as I have not done what I would normally do which is to glue down the foam to a piece of mdf to give it strength. So far it's all foam. The textured paint has given it some weight and durability however. What do you think?

Edit 4:09pm EST. I just finished the second coat of paint on the boards. I used a darker green. The Apple Barrel dark green that is available from your local Walmart. When this dries I will be adding browns and other  greens to give the boards a random appearance.


  1. I think it looks pretty good so far.

  2. Thanks R.gers now that they are dry it is time to get to painting on other colors to make it more realistic.