Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Earthin: The Hollow Earth

Deep beneath our very feet lies the world of Earthin. A Hollow-Earth that is home to the lands and creatures of the past. Fierce and cunning beasts and lost civilizations bring untold adventure to those brave enough to attempt to tame its wildness. 

The Atlantians and Lemurians jealously guard their technology and wage secret wars using the lost people as their armies while the Devlyn wait from their cloud cities sharpening their claws for a final showdown with the Skvani of Mars. Visit the lost kingdoms of Roma Secondus, The Holy Egyptian Empire, The Lost City of the Aztecs, The Thunderbird people and other lost kingdoms - forgotten in the sands of time. 

Earthin: The Hollow Earth features armies for the Lost Civilizations, The Atlantians and Lemurians as well as rules for dinosaurs and combat in the wilds of the world beneath. Earthin: The Hollow Earth is not a stand-alone product and a copy of When the Navy Walked Core will be required to play the game. 


  1. This is moving fast. Those lost kingdom names are very evocative and sound perfect for crossover, and for luring more players in from the historical side. The bigger the base, the better. I love that image - it looks almost hard sci-fi - and seeing that guy in the foreground on each new cover makes me happy.

  2. @Porky - The Earthin: The Hollow Earth supplement is going to be much more gritty and wild than the other supplements. The game will feature the lost kingdoms of various empires who fell through the Earth over the years. Some were adopted by the powers of Earthin (Atlantians, Lemurians and Devlyn) while others try to meek out an existence and stay away from the clutches of the dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts that call the jungles their homes.