Monday, December 19, 2011

December Gaming - Heroquest and Modern Microarmor

I hope you had a great fun weekend! I played two games this weekend (and a game of Princess and the Pea with my daughter). We also got a chance to ride the Big Red Train in St Augustine and check out the Night of Lights and Santa's Workshop with the kiddos. On to the gaming!

As a quick note the pdf version of When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates is available on wargamevault. The books are at the printer and will be sent to our distributors as soon as we receive them. Also, I will be running demos at Winter Offensive in January and demos the week after Christmas at various game stores in and around Jacksonville, FL.

Saturday Morning
Saturday morning I played Microarmor at Chris Stockton's house. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon just talking and messing with his guns. I really enjoyed the time we spent just hanging out. What was really cool though was that the new guy who showed up (it was just Chris, John and me) was John Burford author of LRRP: Team Leader and a veteran and patriot of the Vietnam War.

John was a LRRP team leader in I Corps as the title of his book suggests and he was great fun to hang out with. He was full of stories and I was very happy to meet him. We will be doing some gaming with him at his house in the near future. It was a real treat to meet him. The cool thing about John is that many of the spec ops guys or guys from Nam I've met although willing to talk about their experiences normally do not like to play them out in game. I asked him about how he felt some specific S&D type mechanics could play out in SAR type Nam games and he was more than happy to tell me. He is also more than happy to play Nam so sometime in Feb I am hosting a Vietnam game at my house.

Chris has the pics of the Microarmor game so I will have to post them later.The game was set in France somewhere as a training exercise between US and French AFVs. We had no mortar, arty or air support and no tanks.

The on the US side was John and Chris playing with a company of American AFVs. He had a company of strikers with 50 cals and 3 with 105. On the French side was me playing with a company of French VIBCs with 25mm guns. John attacked from behind the fields. Chris threw in and took a platoon of John's strikers and attacked me from the side over some forested hilly area. I dug in at the town and lighthouse and in the forested hilly area. The 105s had range on me so when they stayed back and pummeled me with their long-range guns I had to make a rush from my dug-in position.

I was able to take out two of their 105s and two of their strikers but they took out the entire platoon that was dug in on the hill because I had to rush out and close the range. When they finally got to my position I was so dug in that they would have taken massive casualties had they attacked. I was in a very advantageous position. They had more firepower with the 105 but could not seem to get past the defenses by rolling enough 1s. In the end the game was a stalemate but we had a lot of fun.

Although he was not there with us physically we did get a call from our friend Mick. As a Christmas gift Mick gave me some orphaned Luch the German AFVfor my German microarmor. It was very nice of him.

Saturday Night
I ran a hero-quest like game of Pathfinder using dungeon delving rules from heroscape and the pathfinder rules for fighting. The game was ran Friday night for Mel, Dan and Jess. They used their Dragonlance characters. The game was a lot of fun. I even remembered some of the flavor text from the game "The foul gargole Vaarag has stolen the gems" and "The weapons on this rack are chipped, rusted and broken - there is nothing here that the heroes would want." From memory! It was great fun to throw out the old adventures and use the old hero quest models. I will post pictures as soon as I can get them off my phone.

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