Friday, November 25, 2011

WTNW RPG/Skirmisher

I love words or in other words I personally have a strong ardor for written lexicon and verbal dialogue. This is especially true when I am able to utilize profound phrasing such as languid ambivalence or differed apotheosis. Not that word play is the end-all be-all of a game but I do find it very poignant to use the appropriate words when describing a game mechanic. Thusly and I am not entirely sure how I am going to accomplish this but I plan on using words such as apotheosis (the glorification of a subject to divine level), acquiescence (reluctant agreement) and concurrence (occurring together) in the game.

As a special sneak peek to those of you who are interested in the development of the When the Navy Walked RPG and the WTNW Skirmisher I am sharing with you the base core characteristics that we will be using to represent the characters in the game. These characteristics make up the raw talent of the character. In addition to the core characteristics there are also figured characteristics which we are not showing and skills which are based on the core characteristics and level of the character. As this game is going to be a skill based game the level is going to be less about gaining more power and more about gaining better competency in what you already possess as well as opening up new pathways to gaining new competencies in other areas or specializations similar to prestige classes.

(WTNW Skirmish/RPG Sneak Peek) - Base Characteristics and Core Competencies
So far we have three main stats that are purchased by die type using a specific number of points at character creation from D6 to D30. The three stats each have one or more core competencies that derive from the base die in the base characteristic that start one die lower than the base characteristic and continue until D6s. The lowest a characteristic or competency is able to be is a D6. For example if you choose a D10 Brawn you can have a D8 Muscle, D6 Quickness and D6 Vigor. Following is a listing of each base characteristic and their core competency.

Muscle, Quickness, Vigor
Wits, Learning
Presence, Allure

Also, don't forget that WTNW Airships and Skypirates is set to be released this December! We hope to have the pdf out by Christmas and the book on the shelves by January! Here are some samples of the diagrams in the books. These diagrams are of the Airship Dreadnaught (left) and the Airship Cruiser (right) both are copyright The ArmChair General.


  1. I'm really looking forward to "Airships and Skypirates". Have a great thanksgiving holiday

  2. It is going to be a huge supplement!