Monday, November 7, 2011

WTNW Airships and Skypirates - The Usual Suspects

We're done with the majority of the work for Airships and Skypirates and it is currently undergoing layout and art production. To give you a little taste of what to expect from the newest book in our lineup I'm going to tell you the names of a few edges that are going to come with the new supplement: Aethership, Rocketpacks, Full Broadsides. Also there are quite a few rules covering air to ground and air to air combat as well as fleet scale action using 1/1200 scale ships (aeronefs if you prefer) under the World, above the World and out of this World!

As a special treat for those of you following the unfolding history of When the Navy Walked here's a special sneak-peek at the timeline in this book.

1671 Five ships of Henry Morgan’s pirate fleet are lost at sea, presumably in a storm. In reality, they have been pulled into Earthin by mysterious energies accidentally released.

1891 American geologist and eccentric inventor Professor Michael T. Hoper tunnels into the Earth’s crust, discovering Earthin.

1893 The Skywolf attacks Mombasa. The resulting “Rape of Mombasa” marks the start of the First Raids era.

1897 Skypirate captain Oskar Mando, better known as Mando the Swift declares himself King of the Ivory Coast.

1899 The Battle of Feather Glen. “King” Mando the Swift is presumed dead when his flagship, the Satisfaction, is brought down by fire from HMS Valiant and Gloire. The British and French still argue over which ship fired the fatal shot.

1901 Oliver the Red declares himself Pirate King of Madagascar, and large scale attacks against European colonies in Africa and Asia resume.

1902 The Alliance Against Pirates is created by the Great Powers to unite against the Pirate King.

1903 Oliver the Red’s pirate kingdom is brought down. The Alliance collapses with the absence of a major threat.


  1. I can imagine it now, fully decked out flying gas traps frying the crew.

  2. @R.gers - Oh yeah! Well not in the Aether. In the Aether if a fire breaks out it's really really bad news.

  3. Its not bad news for very long, though...