Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving to RPGs

For funsies I’ve decided that it would b cool to do my own blog challenge and since it is the month of compassion and month of thanksgiving I have decided it would be fun to list those things in gaming which I am thankful for. As I am already ten days into the month, I will list the first ten things that I am thankful for as a gamer. 

1.       Combat System in RPGS - I am thankful for the fact that the combat system is more robust than it used to be in days past. This is especially true with Pathfinder versus the old AD&D 2nd Edition. While I did enjoy 2nd Edition it was not that easy to explain to players how some mechanics worked and I am thankful for the fact that in the new games players only have to add up instead of add up and subtract down (or in situations like the Hero System – know quantum mechanics). For the record, I really like Hero but it can be hard getting people to play it who aren’t mathematically inclined.

2.       Rules for Roleplaying – I am thankful for the fact that games have starting including rules for how to play a character that is a living breathing member of a world. It is so much better that new players to the game can come in and immediately experience the fact that they can actually portray a character instead of just a guy who hacks and slashes his way to the gold.

3.       Alternate Experience Awards – I am thankful for the hero point system. It allows me to give benes without giving experience and it allows players to have a bit of luck to boot!

4.       Prepainted Miniatures – Who isn’t thankful for the prepainted plastic goodness that was DND minis? We used to use dice and pens and paper or whatever other stationary we could get. I would also pull from my warhammer fantasy collection from time to time. I still laugh when I think of the troll eraser.

5.       Adventure Modules – The fact that they are there makes it much easier to grab a group and start rolling dice without having to get into a long campaign or having to do much planning. I am also thankful because recently I have been considering writing adventure modules and putting them out on Wargamevault for sale. Any takers?

6.       Dice – Without dice we’d have no hobby or we’d be playing Amber and let’s face it Amber is a game that you can only play whenever you really trust your GM and besides DICE beats TACTICS!

7.       Maps – Thank you to Scrying Eye Games, Paizo, Galeforce 9 and WOTC (TSR) for the battle maps, maps of the world, maps of the area, maps of the maps and in general thank you to map makers and cartographers everywhere for your map making goodness! It’s good to know where you are and where you are going but it is also good to be able to use tactical maps during a combat encounter.

8.       JRR Tolkien and Greek Mythology – Without the inspiration of Tolkien and the Greeks we would be playing Dungeons and Phoenicians and while  miniature gaming and historical miniature gaming is very fun it is also fun to have a little fantasy from time to time.

9.       Dragons - I am thankful for the fact that dinosaurs were once misunderstood dragons or was it that dragons were misunderstood dinosaurs? Either way I am thankful for them.

10.   Epic Storytelling – I am thankful for good versus evil epic storytelling in which a peasant can become a knight. The fact that you can play an RPG and start from nothing and literally become the country’s ruler or a hero of the nation is what makes it so much fun for me. It’s a story of adventure and one of heroism when faced with overwhelming odds.

As the month moves on and we get closer to thanksgiving think about what you are thankful for that is in your life and in your hobbies. What is it about gaming that you appreciate?