Monday, November 28, 2011

Join the AirCorps or AetherCorps today!

This image created by Scrying Eye Games and copyright 2011 The ArmChair General to be used in the upcoming When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates supplement


  1. @Don and Jay - Thanks guys! James does fantastic work!

  2. When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates comes out next month! This is not a stand-alone ruleset. It contains rules for air to ground, air to air and aethership to aethership combat. The game features a new rules mechanic devised for fleet combat using the WTNW core rules as well as special conditions for fleet battles and six all-new scenarios that highlight the new rules including a balloon race though the countryside of England, a battle in the Aether with giant squid and an all out attack of a German Aetherport by the Royal Skynavy! Look for WTNW: Airships and Skypirates on our site at or wargamevault in December!

  3. This will be the on the back of our official demo team tee shirt. We will also being using it as a vinyl banner. Both versions will be IN COLOR!