Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash Fearsday - The Challenger and the Serpent

Bravely the warrior climbs the rocky surface toward the serpent. The cunning vile serpent impatiently waits for the challenger. Brilliant silver shine as sword clashes with talons. Heedless of the winner – the scald waits with quill and parchment. One will taste victory while the other is defeated. The next moments determine the fate of many. Which shall victory taste? Shall it be the warrior or the dragon?

Flash Fearsday is a microfiction challenge held by Lunching on Lamias.


  1. I'm curious as to the following information. is the dragon young or infirm? A mindless wyrm that is little better than a flying crocodile?

  2. @Ladyskunk - The dragon is waiting for his next meal.

  3. You beat me this week.

    Ladyskunk's question gave me an idea - how about a fictional gladiatorial combat or similar in which the readers give advice to one or other combatant in the comments? This actually does come close to that, and could be the first in a series.

    My advice to the warrior would be to exploit the impatience. Hold back and let the serpent come on. My advice to the serpent would be to work on the patience.

  4. @Porky - In such a situation I would suggest each commenting contributor are assigned one of the combatants.

    BTW it's getting closer to the release of WTNW Airships and Skypirates.

  5. I'll choose the dragon. Since I can assume its not a mindless flying crocodile and is intelligent. It has minions (even if they're just mobile snacks) let them tear into the tin can for a bit. Since the dragon can fly, I'm fairly certain it has some nice sized boulders that it can carry with it and bombard the warrior.

    But definitely, kill that damned skald, the less information the public has about you the better.

  6. @ ArmChairGeneral - It could work, but then we'd have the possibility a contributor wouldn't be able to keep up. Unless of course it was a brawl of some kind, and any combatant whose contributor disappeared from the comments would be assumed to be standing by, or be left unattended at the contributor's risk.

    You should keep the teasers for Airships and Skypirates coming, maybe the odd unit description or piece of art on the blog to get the excitement up to fever pitch. A lot of people out there have an interest in this particular subject.

    @ Ladyskunk - You've got that dragon sounding a tough nut to crack. Warrior and spectators both will have to hope it's more than tin he or she is wearing, or a magic sword in the hand, or that the warrior has some relevant experience with dragons. A few henchman for backup could be useful too. If not, maybe the scribe will be generous...

  7. @Porky - We will have to see. Care to work on something or do you want me to try it here?

    I will get the pics up as I get them. So far we have only some diagrams - kick butt though they are.