Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Adams Family Fun Night

I used to wonder if my kids would be into the same things I am into. After last night now I know my kids are gamers! Madison played her fairy Friday night in our Dragonlance game. We started the Godsmouth Heresy which I have modified for use in Dragonlance. I put the ossuary under Palanthas and changed the deity to Habbakuk. Madison my eldest daughter had a great time taking on spiders and flying around and talking about her fairy kingdom.

Racers take your marks!
My wife had a great idea for the family. She decided that we would have a evening of games with the kids. I was asked to create a game for the kids. When I asked them what they wanted they all said Cars and Strawberry. Mel asked me to create a game using the cars for the kids so I created a simple rules set that they could play cars using their Disney Cars toys. I then used Scrying Eye Games roads and made up a track for the kiddos.
McQueen and Doc

We had a blast! My son came in first in the first game, I came in second and my wife came in third. My daughter played a good game and tried to win but spun out at the last minute which allowed my wife to take the final checkered flag! They had so much fun that Faelan my son was tuckered out on the couch during the last two rounds of the game. I was amazed this morning with my kids asking me to run it again.
So if you are a father and want to find a way to connect with your kids let your inner game designer or inner geek take over and make up something to do together! I think as we go along we are going to be adding rules and modifying things etc. I will make the rules available for the race car game or as my son calls it "KARZ" online. If you get the chance to play with your kids. Do it. You will have a blast and you will be spreading the hobby as well!


  1. We had a blast Jay!

    Rules to Karz
    The rules were very simple. I assigned a total number of hits and divided them among the cars. To avoid a wreck you have to roll a 5-6 on a d6. To avoid crashing into someone you have to roll depending on your speed. Each car has three speeds that they may move. For instance 3/6/9. At speed one a car may make two 45 degree turns, at speed two they may make one 45 degree turn and at speed three no turns can be made. An emergency stop is a roll of 5-6 on a D6 at speed one and two and a 6 at speed three. I am sure in the future I will be adding to these rules to include weapons etc.