Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas at the Adams

Traditionally on Black Friday we decorate the house. Every year I put  up the Christmas Town and throw in a few geek articles to really get the spirit of Christmas for a gamer. I want to say that as a Christian this time of year is very important to us. As a person who has many friends that are pagan, Jewish or that practice other forms of religion this is not meant as a jab at your beliefs but for us as a family we really try to think about the reason for the season and celebrate the risen king! That being said, I am still a scifi,fandom,game designer, IT geek so all of that has to come out or I am just not feeling that I am putting my whole self into Christmas.

What says Merry Christmas I'm a Gamer more than a pulp scene with Dick Tracy, Indiana Jones, The Shadow, Elliot Ness, Sky Captain and a bunch of cops chasing down an alien invasion lead by Dr Katana and Darth Vader?

This year we did two Christmas Towns. Here are some photos of our families Christmas decorations.

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