Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So considering the large amount of time and effort that will have to be put into a steampunk rpg not to mention a magical system that actually makes sense and isn't actually magic is going to be an interesting feat who out there really wants to see a WTNW RPG? I am only asking because I've had three responses to the skills versus levels poll that I posted and I really am not going to go through such a big undertaking if there is no one interested in the project. Next year I will be finishing the line of WTNW supplements and will also be concentrating on the Black Flags and Merchantmen skirmish game I have in development. Likewise next year I am considering releasing a colonial rank and file miniatures game for historical colonial rules using the WTNW engine. So, do you want to see a WTNW RPG or no?


  1. I might pick it up to read, but wouldn't actually roleplay with it!

    To be honest I am more than happy with a simple skirmish system, with say 6 to 12 figures per side. This falls somewhere between RPGlite and WargamingLite...

  2. @Ironmammoth - thanks for your response! I need these so keep them coming! So what you are talking about is something closer to what I did for It Came From Beyond the Still and with Pulp Alley (if it ever gets released)?

  3. I'd argue for the RPG, but given the concerns about take-up, it might make sense to build it organically out of the skirmish ruleset. There's a lot of overlap between a tactical RPG and a skirmish wargame of course. You could easily release an RPG expansion for a WtNW skirmisher, adding the new mechanisms in the spaces between the existing.

    Magic is definitely a big undertaking, but rather than working out a long list of spells or a complex system, you could go a more integrated psionics route like 40K does these days, the powers blending in among other actions.