Friday, October 14, 2011

When the Navy Walked - RPG Game

I have put up a poll and would like to know from my fans what you would prefer in an RPG. There will probably be many of these polls over the next year asking for your advice on the RPG as I want to make a really good one and want you to be involved in it as well!

The first poll question is the most basic of all and it is simply this, which type of system would you prefer for When the Navy Walked RPG? Would you prefer a level-based system or a skill-based system? Examples of the two are DnD/Pathfinder for level-based and White Wolf's Storyteller System for skill based. Further examples include Seventh Sea for skill based and Earthdawn for level-based.

Anyway feel free to chime in and give your opinion. This project has just started gaining steam and it is going to need to undergo some serious development and playtesting before we're ready to put it out there.

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  1. I think that was a great idea this game will become interesting if it has RPG game system.

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