Monday, October 3, 2011

SuperDungeon Session 12

Session Twelve - Played 8/30/11

Party meets cloud giant where they are planning on ambushing Kol and his retinue. A new person comes into town named Boravir Dunewalker. He is from far away lands and seems to have giant's blood and a strange method of fighting with the sword. The party go by the tower of Tyne's character's master and encounter a band of Zhents trying to break into the tower. The Zhents run but are given chase and a skirmish ensues with the Zhents forming a phalax shield wall and Dunewalker and Sigrid attacking them from all sides while Tyne takes on the mages and the bard Quanlin provides the much needed range support. In the end the fight is won and the party is able to setup for the ambush on Kol. The ambush is successful but a parlay takes place where Kol agrees to wait and not sacrifice the unicorn and if they are able to free his wife he will turn himself into the Baron. They agree. Session twelve ends with Quanlian talking to the egg.

Session 12 XP

  • Zhents CR2 = 600
  • Rogue lvl 3 = 800
  • Wizard lvl 2x2 = 1200
  • Total XP = 3800/4=950
  • Roleplaying Award = 1300
  • Total = 1300 per peson

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