Saturday, October 15, 2011

SuperDungeon - Before the Hause

This was written by one of my players. Don does a good job describing the manor house outside of town where the group has tracked down what they believe out of character is a vampire. It is here that the gang known as The Murder Boys have taken the niece of the Baron and await their 4,000gp ransom. This one's going to be quite a challenge for our 5th level party.

From the journal of Elation.
 "Having managed to stumble their way through the thick undergrowth of nettles and other thorny plants that dragged and tore at their clothing, the overgrown trees were claustrophobic, it wasn't long before even the most urbane of the companions to notice the lack of any animal life, no buzzing of insects, chirping of birds or the chittering of an angry squirrel upset of the intrusion into its territory. The lack of sound was better described as an expectant hush almost bordering on deathly silence.

 With a final push the companions found the remains of a flagstone road, not thirty feet ahead of them, a pair of huge wrought iron gates were the last protection for the unkempt grounds of the manor house they had been seeking. The left gate tilted precariously on one hinge, as if in a desperate attempt to hold on, while the right gate had long since fallen, while sickly looking weeds of mottled greys and greens grew through its bars.

Despite having finally escaped the claustrophobic atmosphere of the dense forest, there seemed to be little respite from the oppressive atmosphere, as there was little hint of fresh air. The malodorous scent of rotting vegetation permeated everywhere, with underlying hints of decomposing flesh. As well, even though the false dawn had just faded and true dawn brightened the sky, the area still held onto its gloomy overcast like a shawl. With shadows playing about the various stone shapes that protruded from untended shrubs and other ill looking plants. Even though morning was finally breaking, a thick mist pooled about ground, perhaps at ankle deep, however, it was perfect for hiding roots and other protrusions ready to trip the unwary, or worse, hide an unwanted pit or unturned grave.

Upon reflection, the grounds, despite the overgrown and unkempt appearance, were benign compared to the manor house itself. In its prime, the five stories would have displayed opulence and wealth. Dark wood, bright slate shingles, and windows of ground crystal, would have been a spectacle for any visitor and perhaps a pride of the Lord of this Land.

 Now the ancient edifice stood in defiance of its decrepit appearance and managed to portray a wounded animal cornered more than the possible refuge from the surrounding vegetation. The once polished wood was grayed and weather beaten, the slate shingles were dull and sections of roof had collapsed allowing the weather to penetrate the upper floors of the house. The windows, of those few that still held glass, were grime covered and the interiors hidden by thick curtains. The holes that were once full windows, now held the remains of glass, allowing the weather to penetrate the darkend rooms within, the holes appearing more like maws with glass fangs. Connected to the building was a very large tower, perhaps a bell tower or an observation tower for the Lord of the Manor to stargaze or perform arcane rituals. Unlike the manor house, it appeared to be in rather good shape.

The group of companions now stood at either their success or untimely death. Having managed to find their quarry, or was it more they were led here by purposeful clues left by the vampire. The group readied themselves for what was to come as the only door to the manor house hung torn on its hinges, the darkness within beckoned."

Edit 10/19/11 Scenario 18 photos - They made it into the house and through a few spooky rooms.


  1. I'm actually expecting more than a single night's game session in the grounds itself. Even with the delightful threat of the undead, not when there are plants, oozes and other unwholesome things readily available to tear at the party and force them to realize their mortality.

    Is that sickeningly sweet scent of a giant bladderwort plant that has one of the party members seeking it out as the best meal they've ever had? Or with the mist pooling about, the party misses the stagnant pond which holds rusted impliments that act like deadly caltrops.

    With luck, the clerics of the group are up to the task of healing.

  2. @Ladyskunk - You did a great job describing the manor house Don. I expect that this will be a great game and with luck everyone will get out alive including the Baron's niece.

  3. They took one good look at the house and they went back to town. Eventually they ended back up at the house and fought their way through a few rooms with ghosts, wraiths, shadows and vampire spawn.

  4. I've learned three things about this current location. 1) The baby dragon doesn't like being called 'Omelet'. 2) The figure used for the giant Venus Flytrap was a really neat looking one. 3) Vampire spawn don't sparkle.