Friday, October 28, 2011

SuperDungeon and Dragonlance Campaign - It Continues

Tonight as we approach the third session for this game, I wanted to reflect on what has occurred in my past games.

SuperDungeon is down to four players once again. It appears that my style was not the type of style that the person playing the ½ giant sword-wielding warblade wanted and both he and the guy playing the cleric have left the game. This Tuesday we had an excellent session even without them and we will be continuing to delve into the mansion of the vampire Lord Arasmis. One thing did come out of that though and we’ve changed this game to Pathfinder as well. Don also brought in a new player character named Octavia who is a young girl that is being kept by the vampire. I feel it is a better system than 3.5.

In the Dragonlance game, the party completed exploring the sewers and defeated an ogre and some more goblins last week. They then took another job for a creature calling itself an ‘oni’ – don’t worry I am not putting them against an actual ogre mage- from the Adventurer’s Guild and took off into the Verstang Mountains to confront the ogre and his accomplices.

On the way, they crossed a light rail and made comments about how neat it would be to go on a train ride. That will undoubtedly be the next mission for them. In the foothills of the mountains, they came across a smallish house the occupants of which were hanging having been left for dead on a series of painful looking torture devices. The party decided to bury the dead and spent the evening praying over the fallen. Now with renewed vigor and an appetite for revenge they embark on the hunt for the one calling itself oni.

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