Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nam For Sale

I am selling my 15mm Peter Pig vietnam set. This set includes everything you need to play FOF:Ambush Valley or FNG2.

  • 31 packs of unopened Peter pig miniatures including characters, porters, special forces, NVA/VC, etc.
  • 1 command pack of 6 command (unpainted)
  • 1 US pack of 30 (unpainted)
  • 4x Diecast Helos (2 hogs, 2 slicks)
  • 3x Metal M60s
  • 2x Diecast M60s (Corgi Models)
  • 1 M113 ACAV
  • 2x Recoil Rifle Jeeps
  • 2x LVTP5
  • 3x PBRs
  • 2x Diecast Duce 1/2
  • 1 M41 Walker Bulldog (plastic model)
  • 1 M551 Sheridan (plastic model)
  • 2x 16 NVA/VC
  • 5x 20 troops US
  • 3x 8 troops recon
That's over 400 troops!
I was originally asking 400 for the nam but since I found these unopened packs I am asking 500 + S&H.

I will even toss in some hootches at no extra charge! Folks you can't get knives on telemarket tv programs at these prices!


  1. That's a lot of great looking stuff. Good luck with the sale!

  2. Thanks man. What was up with your blog? I couldn't reach it earlier.

  3. hey I got some several tons of 25mm if you wanna swap?

  4. We will see Don. Let me see if I can sell some. Are your 25s painted?

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  6. Have pro painted and un painted even have a pro painted castle....)