Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Wife Says the Best Things!

I had been after my wife to try gaming for about five years into our relationship before she finally did and as it turns out she loves it! She particularly enjoyed playing her gold elf Kreek Eveningstar and has an entire book of the games we've played where she journaled her activities. Over the past two years she's actually started using gaming terms to describe things in real life. For instance when someone does something silly she'll say he failed his Will save or if someone does something successfully she'll say he got a crit. It's great!

How did I get her to finally game? She read that book Confessions of a Part-Time Sorcerer and that book got her coming to me with ideas. At first I was skeptical but she wrote up her name and background and got her stats done by herself. Finally, I was convinced she actually wanted to play dnd with me. I was ecstatic.Her first game was with her above mentioned character Kreek but now she has retired that character at 17th level and has started playing other games.

She goes to conventions with me too and has fully embraced the fact that I already knew when I met, fell in love with and married her - she's a geek just like me. She also supports the game When the Navy Walked and really loved Aliens vs Hillbillies. She's been a sounding board at ACG for the year or so that we've been in official business and she's been instrumental in helping remember past games, organizing events and making sure everyone knows when they are supposed to be gaming.

Thank you Mel. I couldn't have asked for a better, geekier and more fun wife!

If you think your wife might be interested in gaming here are some signs.

  • She likes romance novels
  • She likes ANY monty python movie or skit
  • She can quote the Lord of the Rings or the Princess Bride
  • She has an imaginary dragon friend
  • She likes to beat up the bad guys
  • She has a good imagination
  • She is a romantic
If your wife has any of these qualities then she could very well be a gamer in disguise. Good luck!

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