Monday, October 3, 2011

Dragonlance Campaign - So it begins

The Dragonlance campaign started this Friday with a bang! As we had three new people join our normal Saturday group we spent a lot of the evening getting acquainted with one another as much as getting acquainted with the world that I've decided will host the new game. The CoTS game is no more and so this group will need a new name. I will let time decide what that will be.

So the game starts with everyone in the old city of Palanthas. Everyone came in at different times and I kind of just let it flow and work its own magic. Throughout the course of the game they all eventually met either outside in the open air market or inside the Black Hammer Tavern (thank you tavern name maker) though the locals call it The Old House. At any rate they all eventually met. It was a lot of fun roleplaying with Randy's Kender who just about got himself arrested the very first day. What do you expect from a Kender? Dan's Centaur was a great lot of fun and so were the Irda Cleric of Mishakal played by Liesl and the Silvenesti Witch played by Jess. The defensive tactics of the Spellslinger human played by Keith and the human archer played by my wife Mel were brilliant!

So they were thrust into a setting where the old world meets the steampunk world of Krynn and although some things were familiar, others were not. One big thing they noticed were smallish airships, more like balloons offering travelers rides around town although no one was brave/or foolish enough to try one of the rides. They also saw the trains and the other steam tech that was semi common throughout the area. This is still very much Dragonlance however and the laws of Palanthas were very much in effect even though it was ran by the Grey cloaks (Lawful Neutral Solomnac Knights).

Eventually they checked the board and saw a good many missions. They found out that they had to go to a guild hall. I like the pathfinder guild so I used a Seeker guild here in my Dragonlance campaign. It is not a blatant ripoff but it is an adventurers group as it were. So their first mission after they went to one of the many guildhalls and took on the mission (and with it the ability to carry weapons that are not peace bound while on the mission). The mission, as it turned out, was to hunt the goblins in the sewers and prevent them from coming into the city.
 There were many other missions including caravan missions, ship cargo guard missions, sailor's needed missions, a mission to escort a noble lady across town. I think this format will work nicely for this game and Palanthas can become sort of a HQ for the group.

So begins the group on Gileadai, Eighth day of Chislmont. (If we used English dates it would be Sunday, Eighth of April.) The moons Lunitari and Nuitari are in High Sanction (full), and Solinari is waning.

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