Sunday, October 23, 2011

Airship Fleets in WTNW

We are deep in the final stretches of the development for the Airships and Skypirates book. For veterans of our When the Navy Walked line you will see that we have segregated the army lists at the back of the book as usual but you will also see that each section of lists are for different themes. This book features three different types of armies/navies.

The first type of lists are those that are classic When the Navy Walked lists and feature both air and ground units with the new rules for airship combat and sailing ships. The rules feature dog-fighting between planes including deft aeral manuvers and air to ground combat and bombing runs.

The second type of lists is the air fleet lists. These lists are made primarily up of capital units and are intended to represent great battles in the sky of airship fleets and their escorts. These fleets include aeroships and planes as well as the new telsa broadcast carriers and other ships. The skypirate fleets utilize the sailing ship rules and make up some of the skypirate fleets that terrorized the Great Powers during the time of Skypirates.

The third and final type of lists in the book are the Aetherfleets. As anyone who has read the main book knows the world of WTNW is not limited to Earth (or even below it) and the Great Powers, Skypirates and other groups have aetherships capapable of Aetherflight. These fleets are intended to be played in the Aether and there are a specific set of rules for governing Aether-movement and combat as well as special conditions and hazards such as giant Aeher Squid and asteroids!

There are multiple scenarios planned for these three locations and the fleets and army lists provided are intended to be used within the scenarios.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. WTNW: Airships and Skypirates is shaping up to be our best supplement yet!


  1. It certainly sounds like it. One of the things I love about WtNW is the range of possibilities, in the background, the factions and the creation of individual units and machines. Taking it not only into the skies, but into the Aether too makes perfect sense.

  2. Porky this is going to be a great supplement and might be as big as the main book!