Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween whatever you are!

Count Duckla - Level 12 Vampire with the flaw (Must eat Vegetables). He has the ability to give negative levels to plant creatures and occasionally when he is really mad he can summon his nanny who is a duck golem CR 10 follower that is immune to the evil ways of ducks. Count Duckla is able to shift form as per the normal vampire and has a hypnotic gaze that he uses to produce spin offs. His pal DangerMouse is also available to be called in should trouble raise its ugly head in the land of Transylvania. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

SuperDungeon and Dragonlance Campaign - It Continues

Tonight as we approach the third session for this game, I wanted to reflect on what has occurred in my past games.

SuperDungeon is down to four players once again. It appears that my style was not the type of style that the person playing the ½ giant sword-wielding warblade wanted and both he and the guy playing the cleric have left the game. This Tuesday we had an excellent session even without them and we will be continuing to delve into the mansion of the vampire Lord Arasmis. One thing did come out of that though and we’ve changed this game to Pathfinder as well. Don also brought in a new player character named Octavia who is a young girl that is being kept by the vampire. I feel it is a better system than 3.5.

In the Dragonlance game, the party completed exploring the sewers and defeated an ogre and some more goblins last week. They then took another job for a creature calling itself an ‘oni’ – don’t worry I am not putting them against an actual ogre mage- from the Adventurer’s Guild and took off into the Verstang Mountains to confront the ogre and his accomplices.

On the way, they crossed a light rail and made comments about how neat it would be to go on a train ride. That will undoubtedly be the next mission for them. In the foothills of the mountains, they came across a smallish house the occupants of which were hanging having been left for dead on a series of painful looking torture devices. The party decided to bury the dead and spent the evening praying over the fallen. Now with renewed vigor and an appetite for revenge they embark on the hunt for the one calling itself oni.

WTNW Airships and Skypirates

I will be hosting a playtest/demo of the WTNW Airship and Skypirates Fleet rules at my house this Sunday from 3:00pm until about 6:00pm. Specifically we will try to play a short scenario involving airships and a short scenario involving aetherships.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Wife Says the Best Things!

I had been after my wife to try gaming for about five years into our relationship before she finally did and as it turns out she loves it! She particularly enjoyed playing her gold elf Kreek Eveningstar and has an entire book of the games we've played where she journaled her activities. Over the past two years she's actually started using gaming terms to describe things in real life. For instance when someone does something silly she'll say he failed his Will save or if someone does something successfully she'll say he got a crit. It's great!

How did I get her to finally game? She read that book Confessions of a Part-Time Sorcerer and that book got her coming to me with ideas. At first I was skeptical but she wrote up her name and background and got her stats done by herself. Finally, I was convinced she actually wanted to play dnd with me. I was ecstatic.Her first game was with her above mentioned character Kreek but now she has retired that character at 17th level and has started playing other games.

She goes to conventions with me too and has fully embraced the fact that I already knew when I met, fell in love with and married her - she's a geek just like me. She also supports the game When the Navy Walked and really loved Aliens vs Hillbillies. She's been a sounding board at ACG for the year or so that we've been in official business and she's been instrumental in helping remember past games, organizing events and making sure everyone knows when they are supposed to be gaming.

Thank you Mel. I couldn't have asked for a better, geekier and more fun wife!

If you think your wife might be interested in gaming here are some signs.

  • She likes romance novels
  • She likes ANY monty python movie or skit
  • She can quote the Lord of the Rings or the Princess Bride
  • She has an imaginary dragon friend
  • She likes to beat up the bad guys
  • She has a good imagination
  • She is a romantic
If your wife has any of these qualities then she could very well be a gamer in disguise. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So considering the large amount of time and effort that will have to be put into a steampunk rpg not to mention a magical system that actually makes sense and isn't actually magic is going to be an interesting feat who out there really wants to see a WTNW RPG? I am only asking because I've had three responses to the skills versus levels poll that I posted and I really am not going to go through such a big undertaking if there is no one interested in the project. Next year I will be finishing the line of WTNW supplements and will also be concentrating on the Black Flags and Merchantmen skirmish game I have in development. Likewise next year I am considering releasing a colonial rank and file miniatures game for historical colonial rules using the WTNW engine. So, do you want to see a WTNW RPG or no?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Airship Fleets in WTNW

We are deep in the final stretches of the development for the Airships and Skypirates book. For veterans of our When the Navy Walked line you will see that we have segregated the army lists at the back of the book as usual but you will also see that each section of lists are for different themes. This book features three different types of armies/navies.

The first type of lists are those that are classic When the Navy Walked lists and feature both air and ground units with the new rules for airship combat and sailing ships. The rules feature dog-fighting between planes including deft aeral manuvers and air to ground combat and bombing runs.

The second type of lists is the air fleet lists. These lists are made primarily up of capital units and are intended to represent great battles in the sky of airship fleets and their escorts. These fleets include aeroships and planes as well as the new telsa broadcast carriers and other ships. The skypirate fleets utilize the sailing ship rules and make up some of the skypirate fleets that terrorized the Great Powers during the time of Skypirates.

The third and final type of lists in the book are the Aetherfleets. As anyone who has read the main book knows the world of WTNW is not limited to Earth (or even below it) and the Great Powers, Skypirates and other groups have aetherships capapable of Aetherflight. These fleets are intended to be played in the Aether and there are a specific set of rules for governing Aether-movement and combat as well as special conditions and hazards such as giant Aeher Squid and asteroids!

There are multiple scenarios planned for these three locations and the fleets and army lists provided are intended to be used within the scenarios.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. WTNW: Airships and Skypirates is shaping up to be our best supplement yet!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

SuperDungeon - Before the Hause

This was written by one of my players. Don does a good job describing the manor house outside of town where the group has tracked down what they believe out of character is a vampire. It is here that the gang known as The Murder Boys have taken the niece of the Baron and await their 4,000gp ransom. This one's going to be quite a challenge for our 5th level party.

From the journal of Elation.
 "Having managed to stumble their way through the thick undergrowth of nettles and other thorny plants that dragged and tore at their clothing, the overgrown trees were claustrophobic, it wasn't long before even the most urbane of the companions to notice the lack of any animal life, no buzzing of insects, chirping of birds or the chittering of an angry squirrel upset of the intrusion into its territory. The lack of sound was better described as an expectant hush almost bordering on deathly silence.

 With a final push the companions found the remains of a flagstone road, not thirty feet ahead of them, a pair of huge wrought iron gates were the last protection for the unkempt grounds of the manor house they had been seeking. The left gate tilted precariously on one hinge, as if in a desperate attempt to hold on, while the right gate had long since fallen, while sickly looking weeds of mottled greys and greens grew through its bars.

Despite having finally escaped the claustrophobic atmosphere of the dense forest, there seemed to be little respite from the oppressive atmosphere, as there was little hint of fresh air. The malodorous scent of rotting vegetation permeated everywhere, with underlying hints of decomposing flesh. As well, even though the false dawn had just faded and true dawn brightened the sky, the area still held onto its gloomy overcast like a shawl. With shadows playing about the various stone shapes that protruded from untended shrubs and other ill looking plants. Even though morning was finally breaking, a thick mist pooled about ground, perhaps at ankle deep, however, it was perfect for hiding roots and other protrusions ready to trip the unwary, or worse, hide an unwanted pit or unturned grave.

Upon reflection, the grounds, despite the overgrown and unkempt appearance, were benign compared to the manor house itself. In its prime, the five stories would have displayed opulence and wealth. Dark wood, bright slate shingles, and windows of ground crystal, would have been a spectacle for any visitor and perhaps a pride of the Lord of this Land.

 Now the ancient edifice stood in defiance of its decrepit appearance and managed to portray a wounded animal cornered more than the possible refuge from the surrounding vegetation. The once polished wood was grayed and weather beaten, the slate shingles were dull and sections of roof had collapsed allowing the weather to penetrate the upper floors of the house. The windows, of those few that still held glass, were grime covered and the interiors hidden by thick curtains. The holes that were once full windows, now held the remains of glass, allowing the weather to penetrate the darkend rooms within, the holes appearing more like maws with glass fangs. Connected to the building was a very large tower, perhaps a bell tower or an observation tower for the Lord of the Manor to stargaze or perform arcane rituals. Unlike the manor house, it appeared to be in rather good shape.

The group of companions now stood at either their success or untimely death. Having managed to find their quarry, or was it more they were led here by purposeful clues left by the vampire. The group readied themselves for what was to come as the only door to the manor house hung torn on its hinges, the darkness within beckoned."

Edit 10/19/11 Scenario 18 photos - They made it into the house and through a few spooky rooms.

Friday, October 14, 2011

When the Navy Walked - RPG Game

I have put up a poll and would like to know from my fans what you would prefer in an RPG. There will probably be many of these polls over the next year asking for your advice on the RPG as I want to make a really good one and want you to be involved in it as well!

The first poll question is the most basic of all and it is simply this, which type of system would you prefer for When the Navy Walked RPG? Would you prefer a level-based system or a skill-based system? Examples of the two are DnD/Pathfinder for level-based and White Wolf's Storyteller System for skill based. Further examples include Seventh Sea for skill based and Earthdawn for level-based.

Anyway feel free to chime in and give your opinion. This project has just started gaining steam and it is going to need to undergo some serious development and playtesting before we're ready to put it out there.

DM Advice - The Death of a PC

Jangle the thief looked up at the Icon of Certain Death and paused as he steadied himself for what he must do next. Already the fair-haired elven maid was losing herself to the evil artifact. If Jangle could just reach the damned thing he might just be able to save the lives of the captives – and those of his friends.

Sadly his glance wandered to the cages where his friends hung suspended over the Pit of Neverending Doom – his gruff companion Klunk the Dwarf Barbarian from the Frozen Northlands , Eveready the wizened old cleric of the great deity of the plains peoples Goody-Little-Two-Shoes, the Halfling Illusionist waif and pragmatic thinker Glum and finally the Paladin of Cheesy-Goodness Fairlight.

He watched as their cage swung over the pit and waited as The Evil Overlord continued his unending diatribe of how great he was because he captured the heroes of neverdale and how sucky they were because they allowed themselves to be captured. All except one, Jangle thought, all except one.

Quickly jumping down thinking only of his friends and the captives Jangle swung from one of the chains overhanging the Pit of Neverending Doom and smashed into the magical glass casing around the Icon of Certain Death lifting it higher into the air much to the chagrin of The Evil Overlord who ordered his minions to attack the thief. They came like a tide of minion death searching for the interloper.

It was too late. The damage had been done as the artifact slammed into the ceiling of the Lair of Dark Darkness, the evil light coming from the broken artifact slammed into the bodies of The Evil Overlord, and his minions for the magic would not be so trapped by mortals such as those as the Icon stole its last lives.
Jangle’s body crashed into the floor below. At the verge of death, the hero looked up at his companions and gave a beautiful speech.

“I have always loved you elven maid.” he said and added “You are true friends.” before his final gasp “Did we get him?”  His friends nodded and said “You saved the captives and you saved us.” Jangle’s eyes twinkled as he looked up at his friends with tear-streaked faces and he said his last “I guess there really is honor among thieves.” and he breathed his last.
The above story is one that sadly some adventurers know all too well. It is the story of heroic courage and beating the odds regardless of the risk of personal danger or the degree of success involved. Should a DM allow a player’s character to die? I say yes.

Yes? Really? In a word. Yes.

Now those of you who know me will know that I do not like ‘arbitrarily killing player characters’ – normally – but there is a time and a place for the death of a pc and sometimes it can become a very heroic and inspired event in which the party grows closer together as characters and as friends. You see this trope played out in movies too.  One of the good guys will mess up the plans of the bad guys by saving his friends but in order to do so the good guy must sacrifice himself.

I know some of you are probably thinking ‘well in dnd I can just get my character resurrected’. Yes while that may be true you may not believe the number of players I have had in my games over the years that have actually chose to have their characters die a good death instead of being resurrected.

This is where some truly remarkable stories can come from. So how do you do this as a DM without pissing off your players? In a word – carefully.

You want to be very careful that your players understand that whatever is through door number two might be more than they can handle. Then let them make the decision. If they charge head long into the fray you might have an epic night on your hands. If they decide to be sissies and cower behind the door waiting for reinforcements you still might have an epic night but may have to get some popcorn for the wait.

The key to any player death is tact. It is your job as the DM/GM/Storyteller/Judge/(Dealer –yuck)/Keeper (heck yeah!)/Bartender/Johnson/SpyMaster etc to keep the story moving and to keep your players challenged. Let’s face it, no one likes to always be able to walk over all the baddies all the time with no chance of failure.

Not only does that fly against the face of realism in that everyone in the world would be an adventurer because there’d be no risks involved it also gets boring really quickly. You don’t believe me? Try it. Put them against whatever your DM Books says is a fair fight. They will get over it every time and usually without much in the way of scars or anything to remember.

Now if you toss them into a graveyard filled with ghouls and ghasts and a vampire tossing fireballs you’ll get emails. Be prepared for the possibility that someone might not make it out however and be prepared to deal with the questions that will inevitably follow. Bottom line? Keep it interesting. Try not to always let them walk all over the monsters, give them a hard one every now and then and see what happens to your campaign. In the end allow characters to die if they decide to toss themselves into the fray but be prepared to help them play up the scene so it’s something memorable and fun for everyone – even the dead guy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flash Fearsday - The Chicken Sups Instead

This is my submission for Flashfearsday.

"A chicken roosts and clucks and is good at suppertime but be warned of the mutant chicken least you be supped instead."

Check out It Came From Beyond the Still and see what all the clucking is about!

Images Copyright The ArmChair General 2011 from It Came From Beyond the Still. Artist: Scrying Eye Games.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WTNW Demo - 10/12/11

I will be at Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville Florida today at 7pm until about 9pm running demos of When the Navy Walked and When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars! I will have plenty of miniatures, books, dice etc so just come out and enjoy a great time of steampunk/VSF gaming!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SuperDungeon Session - Bela Legosi

We've been playing with the sandbox adventure method and I think tonight I am going to give them a direct adventure involving a kidnapping, some powerful undead and nefarious plots to poison the water supply of the town. This will be a one-shot game that will have absolutely no connection to the rest of the game. Should be fun!

When the Navy Walked - Earthin and Atlantis

When the Navy Walked: Earthin and Atlantis

Immerse yourself in the center of the Earth or deep beneath the waves in this supplement that features the magical Earthin and mysterious Atlantians. Follow the stories of The Lost as they fall deep beneath the Earth's crust and must struggle to rebuild their civilizations and learn the true origin of the Skypirates. Complete the journey with an epic battle between the benevolent Atlantians and their dark enemy from beneath the waves! WTNW: Earthin and Atlantis is not a stand-alone book and you will require a copy of When the Navy Walked to play the game.

Coming - Spring 2012

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mansions of Madness - Fall of House Lynch II

We played another game of Mansions of Madness Arkham Horror and I was once again the keeper. This time my friends Dan and Jessica were over. They are the new couple to our gaming group and we've really been enjoying playing games with them so far. So to setup we had dinner and then watched Female's Armor Sucks and the Gamers . Both of them are hilarious and if you haven't seen them go check them out.

On to the game then. This time around I selected the same objectives but changed them all up to Bs instead of mixing them. The Investigators were once again hired to find out what happened to Mr Lynch and in the process try to not go mad or be chopped to death by maniacs or have their faces eaten off by zombies.

All-in-all I think everyone had a good time. I am learning rather quickly that it is very difficult for the keeper to keep the objective from the players once the event cards start getting toward the bottom of the deck. Even still though they allow for other means for the keeper to win. We actually called it early because I did some counting and figured out that the players were about to win because there was no way I was going to get the last sample on the alter and summon the shaggoth in time to get out of the front door. Unfortunately I did not realize that the players had not found clue 1b which they needed in this particular instance. At any rate not to spoil to much but this time there was no shaggoth on the roof.

Some highlights of the game were my wife kicking butt with the puzzles and both my wife and Jess kicking the butts of the monsters. Of course I really liked playing the insanity (trama) cards on Jess and had a great time playing mythos cards to keep the players off their feet. The doors slamming shut, lights going out and things looking at you from the darkness are all staples of horror and well built into this game.

Thank you to Dan and Jess for coming out and sharing our company!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Airships and Skypirates (And Aetherships!)

I just got the update back from J on the Airships and Skypirates book that both he and I have put a lot of time and energy into. I am super excited about what we have here for our fans and you should be too! We're talking airship combat elevations, different levels of combat, maneuvers for small units, formations, new edges and flaws and a history of the airships and skypirates to boot! We also are including rules for 1/1200 scale combat for full fleets of airships or aetherships and battles in the skies as well as in space! This is turning out to be the best supplement yet!

Excited yet? No? You should be!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

DM Advice - Toning It Down

DM Advice – Toning Down
One of my players wanted to play a centaur in my Dragonlance Pathfinder game. Rather than either allowing it as is in the Pathfinder book or telling him no I decided to allow him but to make some modifications to the race so that he could play it and still be in line with the party.  I did this by telling him upfront that he would still be large and still be able to move 50 feet but that some of the other powerful attributes would be cut back to fit in with the game and so that he would not overpower the other characters.  We discussed it for a bit and he said he was good with anything I came up with.

Trusting your DM is paramount for any successful game because once the rules start to become the alpha and the omega the game can quickly deteriorate into a game of one-upmanship and that is no fun for anyone. You all know I do like to play by the rules for the most part but I have always liked the adage never let a bad rule get in the way of a good story.  I also like my own saying: never let a bad rule get in the way of realistic story.

Demo of WTNW

I will be running a demo game of When the Navy Walked at Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville, FL next week on Wednesday from 7pm until about 9pm. Feel free to come and participate!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Sale Update

Just so everyone knows. I am willing to negotiate but some of those guys are propainted and I did pay 200+ just for the infantry in the moderns. Let me know. We can make a deal. Especially if you buy several lots.


Moderns and Green Sci Fi army have sold.

Price reduction - 15mm sci fi white army 150 + S&H, Vietnam 250 & S&H

Monday, October 3, 2011

SuperDungeon Session 12

Session Twelve - Played 8/30/11

Party meets cloud giant where they are planning on ambushing Kol and his retinue. A new person comes into town named Boravir Dunewalker. He is from far away lands and seems to have giant's blood and a strange method of fighting with the sword. The party go by the tower of Tyne's character's master and encounter a band of Zhents trying to break into the tower. The Zhents run but are given chase and a skirmish ensues with the Zhents forming a phalax shield wall and Dunewalker and Sigrid attacking them from all sides while Tyne takes on the mages and the bard Quanlin provides the much needed range support. In the end the fight is won and the party is able to setup for the ambush on Kol. The ambush is successful but a parlay takes place where Kol agrees to wait and not sacrifice the unicorn and if they are able to free his wife he will turn himself into the Baron. They agree. Session twelve ends with Quanlian talking to the egg.

Session 12 XP

  • Zhents CR2 = 600
  • Rogue lvl 3 = 800
  • Wizard lvl 2x2 = 1200
  • Total XP = 3800/4=950
  • Roleplaying Award = 1300
  • Total = 1300 per peson

Play by Post- Kingmaker Reboot

I am restarting the Kingmaker play by post game on my forum. If you are interested in joining up drop us a line. We need four more people or so but can accommodate more.

Dragonlance Campaign - So it begins

The Dragonlance campaign started this Friday with a bang! As we had three new people join our normal Saturday group we spent a lot of the evening getting acquainted with one another as much as getting acquainted with the world that I've decided will host the new game. The CoTS game is no more and so this group will need a new name. I will let time decide what that will be.

So the game starts with everyone in the old city of Palanthas. Everyone came in at different times and I kind of just let it flow and work its own magic. Throughout the course of the game they all eventually met either outside in the open air market or inside the Black Hammer Tavern (thank you tavern name maker) though the locals call it The Old House. At any rate they all eventually met. It was a lot of fun roleplaying with Randy's Kender who just about got himself arrested the very first day. What do you expect from a Kender? Dan's Centaur was a great lot of fun and so were the Irda Cleric of Mishakal played by Liesl and the Silvenesti Witch played by Jess. The defensive tactics of the Spellslinger human played by Keith and the human archer played by my wife Mel were brilliant!

So they were thrust into a setting where the old world meets the steampunk world of Krynn and although some things were familiar, others were not. One big thing they noticed were smallish airships, more like balloons offering travelers rides around town although no one was brave/or foolish enough to try one of the rides. They also saw the trains and the other steam tech that was semi common throughout the area. This is still very much Dragonlance however and the laws of Palanthas were very much in effect even though it was ran by the Grey cloaks (Lawful Neutral Solomnac Knights).

Eventually they checked the board and saw a good many missions. They found out that they had to go to a guild hall. I like the pathfinder guild so I used a Seeker guild here in my Dragonlance campaign. It is not a blatant ripoff but it is an adventurers group as it were. So their first mission after they went to one of the many guildhalls and took on the mission (and with it the ability to carry weapons that are not peace bound while on the mission). The mission, as it turned out, was to hunt the goblins in the sewers and prevent them from coming into the city.
 There were many other missions including caravan missions, ship cargo guard missions, sailor's needed missions, a mission to escort a noble lady across town. I think this format will work nicely for this game and Palanthas can become sort of a HQ for the group.

So begins the group on Gileadai, Eighth day of Chislmont. (If we used English dates it would be Sunday, Eighth of April.) The moons Lunitari and Nuitari are in High Sanction (full), and Solinari is waning.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nam For Sale

I am selling my 15mm Peter Pig vietnam set. This set includes everything you need to play FOF:Ambush Valley or FNG2.

  • 31 packs of unopened Peter pig miniatures including characters, porters, special forces, NVA/VC, etc.
  • 1 command pack of 6 command (unpainted)
  • 1 US pack of 30 (unpainted)
  • 4x Diecast Helos (2 hogs, 2 slicks)
  • 3x Metal M60s
  • 2x Diecast M60s (Corgi Models)
  • 1 M113 ACAV
  • 2x Recoil Rifle Jeeps
  • 2x LVTP5
  • 3x PBRs
  • 2x Diecast Duce 1/2
  • 1 M41 Walker Bulldog (plastic model)
  • 1 M551 Sheridan (plastic model)
  • 2x 16 NVA/VC
  • 5x 20 troops US
  • 3x 8 troops recon
That's over 400 troops!
I was originally asking 400 for the nam but since I found these unopened packs I am asking 500 + S&H.

I will even toss in some hootches at no extra charge! Folks you can't get knives on telemarket tv programs at these prices!

SciFi for sale

I am selling my 15mm scifi.

White Sci Fi force

  • 38 propainted in 7 teams of 5 with a command of 3
  •  2 grav tanks (not propainted)
  • 3 walkers propainted
  • 2 drop pods (not propainted)
Asking 180.+ S&H

Green Sci Fi Force
  • 42 propainted in 8 teams of 5 with a command of 2
  • 2 propainted heavy tanks
  • 2 propainted walkers
  • 4 propainted spider drones/bots
Asking 200+ S&H

This lot is SOLD

US For Sale

I am selling out of my 15mm scale moderns. This is what I have. About 95% of this army is propainted and looks fantastic!


  • 75 Propainted Soviet/Insurgents in 7 teams of 10 and one of five
  • 5 Mortar teams (three men each)
  • 3 BTR 90s
  • Propainted platoon of 18 men in three teams of 6
  • Painted team of 8 men 
  • Propainted team of 12 men in two teams of 6
  • 2 propainted seal team boats
  • 1 M1A1 Abrams (metal)
  • 2 M2A2 Abrams (diecast)
  • 4 propainted HMMWVs
  • 2 black primered HMMWVs
  • 1 black primered pickup
  • 1 black primered news team
  • 1 Diecast Scorpion
  • 2 M2 Bradleys (metal)
  • 1 Diecast LVTP7
  • 1 Diecast Apache (in box)
Asking 250+ S&H
 This lot is SOLD