Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SuperDungeon Session Fourteen (From the Journal of Elation the Succubus)

This is from the journal of one of the players in the Superdungeon game.

Elation had no delusions for her fate if she were to fall to the hands of an enemy.  Age could not harm her, no; it was the self-righteous attitude either either either of a holy warrior, priest, or the like, the hands of one of her sister or her own kind, or her own desire for self-destruction that would kill her. 

Some mortals claimed that their lives would flash before their eyes before they died.  Elation could understand that, as she regarded the past few days of the festival in a single heartbeat.

Tyne managed to acquire acceptance by the metalworker’s trade union.  Quinlan entertained the many women of the festival.  Surely, Sigrid finding less to keep her occupied, found solace in the various brews offered.  Elation was debating leaving for a month’s time, if only to find if the priestesses of Elistree would accept her. 

The festival ended for Elation the moment her friend, Thrusk the half-ogre stumbled into town, holding his entrails within his opened belly and sporting several marks of claws.  If not for the quick work of desperation, he would have perished.  She already knew she would have killed the entire town or tried to, of only to protect him.  Unlike her three companions, she trusted them not to turn on her, however, Thrusk was one she sought as a friend, and he would be reviled and hated by all he met. 

The Priest of We-Jas was able to tend to his wounds and Thrusk provided her with the name of his assailant.  Melenghel

The half-ogre was like herself, bereft of a realm, from a realm called Krynn, he was of a race of intelligent ogres, she didn't care, she was protective of what she considered hers, whether he preferred it or not, she considered him his, just as with Vera, the follower of Elistree.

The four companions searched through the caverns where Melengel made sure the ogre knew the price of betraying her.  They had found three hobgoblins, missing their clothing and drained of their vital essences.  Elation managed to see a pair of teeth marks on their inner thighs.  It was not the kiss from a Succubus, considering she had personal knowledge of what she could do.  As for what did it, she could only guess.  Both Tyne and Quinlan were affected by fits of madness and looking about for the source.  Elation had spotted a creature that was very far from home, a Lantern Archon, which ran off.  She could not stop herself and like a cat finding a new plaything, she gave chase.  Once she managed to capture the archon, its voice was more than grating on her nerves. 

We managed to chase it off, only to find within a room, a dryad living in a tree that required no light or sustenance to survive.  It was cordial and demanded the attentions of Quinlan for the next ten-day.  However, a minor quibble between Sigrid and Elation caused the creature to revoke its offer and removed them both.  All the while, the archon's voice continued to make Elation want to find a way to kill it.  If only to shut it, up.  Sanctimonious, disgusting, depraved, other words came to mind but she had no choice but to let it go.

The sound of running feet let them know another creature was in the caverns that did not belong and once again, the chase was on.  They managed to extract themselves from the caverns to see a clearing, with a group of orcs and a Minotaur.  In guttural orcish, Tyne yelled out, "Halt and give intentions" which had a response that was more the liking of both Elation and Sigrid.

No, it was not her life that passed through her mind before she succumbed, it was not the desire to kill Melenghel, kill the archon, and kill them all that threatened what she believed hers.  No, the last thing to pass through her mind was a brutal fifty-pound great axe before darkness overtook her.

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