Friday, September 23, 2011

Spirit of America

Every year the US Army Spirit of America is held in different cities. This year my hometown of Jacksonville, Fl was proud to host the celebration! I took my whole family. The show is a precision drill and band celebration of the history of the US Army from the Revolutionary War to the current war against terror.

The show was divided into two acts and a final closing act. The first act was made up of reenactments of the various periods of history and included Lexington, Gettysburg, Ardennes, Pork Chop Hill, Ia Drang, Cuba, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanastan. 

The show was full of music and drill. Present were the Pershing's Own US Army Band, US Army Drill Team, US Army Fife and Drum Old Guard, Special Forces operators and members of the US Army selected to portray Washington, Revere, Thomas Payne, Patton and other historic figures. I got to meet most of the people in the show and was proud to tell each and everyone of them "Thank you for your service!" Hooah!

I got my program signed by several members of each team! If you get the chance to go. Go. The drill team, fifes and the fast rope is worth it alone! God Bless our troops and our allies!

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