Friday, September 23, 2011

OSR September of Short Adventures - Day 23

(Something's Out There): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 Modern) adventure set in (A Child's Bedroom)

Get Ready:
  • You and your friends have had a great day playing and are now ready for bed. The problem is that Jimmy is afraid of the dark and your parent's have already gone to bed. To make matters worse those shadows are looking dangerous!
Get Set:
  • The players are kids at a slumber party/hang out whatever.
  • The kids imaginations should play into the game.
  • The DM should feel free to add to the scenario whatever the players suggest 'could be there'.

  • This is really more of an exercise in what could be. The DM should feel free to use the classics - boogie men, monsters, etc. 
Notable NPCs:
  • One of the toys is actually a psychic amplifier and the players have to figure this out and disable it before their nightmares become reality!

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  1. Hey Armchair General,

    I've put an "I Survived the osr Challenge" image on my blog for you to put up at the end of the Challenge.