Thursday, September 22, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Twenty Two

(The Stranger): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (Pathfinder) adventure set in (The Woods)

Get Ready:
  • The party goes down a winding path in a densely covered wood.  Up ahead they hear the cry of a young woman.
Get Set:
  • The players come to a clearing in the woods where  a young lady waits weeping by an old fountain. The fountain is made up marble and has seen years of neglect.  The woman sits by the fountain and cries into the water.
  • If the players can calm the woman (DC 25 Diplomacy check) then she tells them between sniffles that she has been here for hours. She tells a tale of how her knightly escort whom she was betrothed was ambushed by goblins on the path. He left her at the fort to wait. The knights she talks of are from a long-dead order. 
  • The players do not see a fort, only ruins and the fountain.
  • With a DC 20 History check one of the players recalls how the pair never married and caused the destruction of the kingdom when the brothers blamed one another for her death. Something strange is going on.

  • The woman is named Arabella Whiteflag and she has been lost in time.
  • If the players drink from the fountain they will see the fort manifest as they are transported back to the time when the knights of the realm were prevalent. 
  • Once they drink from the fountain the players will have a choice of trying to rescue the woman or trying to find the knight. The knight is lost in the woods and is battling the goblins.
  • The knight could be a good guy who just lost his way in the woods trying to defeat the goblins or he could be a sinister agent working against the king of that time trying to stop the marriage from taking place. A great war broke out because the woman and the man were never betrothed. It is up to the DM how this plays out.

Notable NPCs:
  • Knight (Remains up to the DM), Arabella (lvl 12 aristocrat)

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