Saturday, September 17, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Seventeen

(You Remind me of the Snack): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (World of Darkness) adventure set in (Jacksonville, FL 1992)

Get Ready:
  • Your five hunters have been searching the Landing for about a month and have finally uncovered the hideout of a fanger.
  • Unfortunately, you have heard that he knows you are coming.

Get Set:
  • The hideout is under the Landing and at waterfront. A small underground complex is situated just beneath the center.
  • The sounds of David Bowie emanate from within.

  • The hideout is a labyrinth, literally, the fanger Gormos is a big fan of the movie and has built his lair just like it!

Notable NPCs:
  • Gormos is an elder malkavian, one of the crazy vampires and has been preying on the drunks at the Landing for a long time. It would be good to put him down.

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