Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Thirteen

(The Siege): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 3.5) adventure set in (Forgotten Realms)

Get Ready:
  •  Any moment the Cormyrian army is going to come over the ridge and attack the Black Keep.
  • Your party has to get into the Keep and unlock the doors so that the army can get inside.

Get Set:
  • Acting on a tip from a woman who the player’s have befriended who works at the Keep they have found a secret entrance that leads from the sewers into the keep itself.
  • The players must be careful not to wake the sleeping inhabitants of the Black Keep, get to the gate room, and open the gate for the army.
  • Sir Lavan waits patiently with his Purple Dragon Knight for the signal.

  • The sewers are guarded by all manner of undead.

Notable NPCs:
  • The woman is at the gate room and wants the players to spare her and her family.

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