Thursday, September 8, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Eight

(Black Pyramid): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (Call of Cthulhu) adventure set in (Egypt)

Get Ready:
  • Your party is at a dig site and just uncovered the dig of a lifetime! Buried deep beneath the sands is the top of what may be a large buried pyramid that predates the ones at Giza by about a hundred years! The pyramid itself is jet black and is made of some kind of obsidian.

Get Set:
  • The players find the entrance to the pyramid.
  • Once inside they find canpoic jars that belong to some unknown pharaoh.
  • The jars are covered in some kind of basalt dust and strange writings.
  • There are several rooms within the pyramid and each of them are trapped differently. There is a falling block trap, a spear trap, a fusillade of needles and a crushing room trap. The rooms contain the description of the spell of close portal but all of them must be visited before the spell is attempted.

  • On one of the walls in a room is the pictographic description of how this pharaoh brought night to Egypt and how they overthrew him and tossed him into this black pyramid. In the images are pictures of nightguants and anyone with Cthluhu Mythos may make a roll to find this out. Anyone with Occult or Egyptology may attempt to decipher to writing as well.
  • The pharaohs name has been scratched out off the writings. He is known only as “The Dark One.”

Notable NPCs:
  • The players may have unlocked a portal to the home plane of the Nightguants. They must work quickly to cover the portal when they find it by performing the ritual spell which is written on the walls in the chambers.
  • A mummy guards the tomb as do five skeletal warriors and they can be encountered throughout the pyramid.


  1. Thank you Bard. It would be fun to have the players try to decipher the spell using all the text on all the walls in the rooms.