Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Seven

(Final Freedom): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 3.5) adventure set in (Forgotten Realms)

Get Ready:
  • You have fought hard for months and have won many acclaims. Now your master tells you that he intends on paying for your freedom if you are able to beat your friends in single combat.
  • The hunchback Balok looks at you with a haunting look in his eyes. “You no die today.”

Get Set:
  • The Thayans have spies within the pits and have secretly worked to pit friend against friend in a climactic to-the-death showdown. Unfortunately, they may get more than they bargained for on game day as the next morning before the games a key to one of the player’s cells appears in his food.
  • The key is courtesy of Balok a hunchback who the Thayans use to feed the grub to the fighters. One or all of the players have been nice to Balok and he is rewarding them.

  • You have two options here
    • Fight each other
    • Escape

Notable NPCs:
  • There are ten prison guards (War 2) and three jailers (ftr3/rog2) in the pits. If the players can cause enough of a distraction in the cells they might be able to fight their way to freedom once and for all.


  1. High stakes indeed. I like the way the idea is simple in essence, but could get complicated.

  2. Thanks Porky it is an obvious continuation of the previous slaver scenario.