Saturday, September 3, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Three

(Escape?): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 3.5) adventure set in (Forgotten Realms)

Get Ready:
  • You are in bondage by the Red Wizards from the empire of Thay. You are heading to the games to be sport for the Tharchins.
Get Set:
  • A mean hearted Thayan Guard named Praxis pulls one single chain you are each manacled to when you see your opportunity for escape.
  • Explain to the players that they see an opportunity for escape. It could be that Praxis is not looking or that one of the manacles have become loose.

  • The players are being allowed to escape and will be rounded up by the Thayan Guards that are hiding just beyond the hill. Those that attempt to escape are brought to the games and those that do not are brought back to Thay.

Notable NPCs:
  • Thayan Slavers (Wiz 6), Thayan Guards (Ftr 3), Praxis (Ftr 3/Rog 3)


  1. Nice. Short, sweet and with some serious repercussions. Well done!

  2. That's right, and the basic idea could be used more widely, whenever a party gets captured anywhere. The possible separation is interesting too, and if it happens this way, the responsibility is placed partly at the door of the players for the decision made.

  3. @Netherwerks I have always enjoyed the scene on Conan when he is walking and being dragged by the guys on horseback with the others. It is a great sense of wanting to be free that I think plays well in a game.

    @Porky it would be very interesting to see then try to get back together once seperated.

    Sorry I was away yesterday, was and still am sick.