Friday, September 2, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day Two

(Winter Road): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 3.5) adventure set in (Ravenloft)

Get Ready:
  • A snow-covered dark path. Your party now travels this dark path after completing your last adventure. Suddenly the mists rise around you and you feel a chill but not from the cold.

Get Set:
  • This can be used in between any adventure in which the players have returned from in which they found some kind of magic item.
  • Unknown to the party they have just been transported to the demi-plane of Shadow via the Winter Path.
  • The Winter Path is a dirt path about fifteen feet wide that is bordered on both sides by a thick pine forest. The denizens of the Winter Path are shadow wolves, worgs and a Winter Wolf who rules the pocket domain.

  • The PCs need to escape The Winter Path. Unfortunately, the path itself is in the demi-plane of shadow and leaving it other than to go into the nearby woods is impossible. Anyone attempting to leave the path will be put at the spot they left the path.
  • The only way for the party to escape is to fight the wolves or to placate Frais by offering a magical item of sufficient value.

Notable NPCs:
  • The wolves are really worgs (MM) and one is a Winter Wolf named Frais.  Use the base stats for the monsters but add the Shadow Creature template.
  • The Winter Wolf Frais is the guardian of The Winter Path. Originally, from Faerun’s North she was a particularly foul spirited and greedy Winter Wolf. When she killed an entire town just to obtain a magical ring that did nothing but provide sustenance she was transported to the mists. There she was cursed by the dark powers to guard The Winter Path where she must collect magical items from travelers until she feels sated. To that end, she will allow the party to pass if they give up one of their magical items.
  • At will Frais can close her borders by calling up an blinding icy storm. There is no escape. The DM should use the freezing effects in the DMG for players who attempt to go through the blizzard.
  • The Winter Road can be used to enter Ravenloft or to return to the realm where the players came.


  1. Fun! Nice to see some other-planar sorts of stuff coming into the mix. What if someone is carrying a scroll of Summon Yeti into this place? Would the Winter Path block that or amplify it somehow? This makes one wonder just what other such inter-planar Paths are out there?

  2. Netherworks I can only imagine! If it were my game though I'd consider having it summoning a paragon Yeti or some other equal nasty beast depending on the party level of course.

  3. There's a great mood here too. I'm drawn in especially by the sense of space and darkness, and the potential for interaction with Frais.

    I also have my mind on cold and snow at the moment, maybe for the contrast with the current weather.

  4. I like this adventure -- it's got a great atmosphere and overall feel to it.

  5. @Porky I have always loved the darkness of Ravenloft and wolves have been ever present throughout my life.

    @Bard thank you. The atmosphere is very important in horror so tour comment is much appreciated.