Thursday, September 1, 2011

OSR Challenge of September Short Adventurers - Day One

(Dangerous Liaisons): A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (D20 Variant) adventure set in (When the Navy Walked)

Get Ready:
  • You have the plans to a new devastating weapon that harnesses the power of electricity using a modified heat oscillator and have been invited to the Inventor’s Ball to discuss the possibilities!  You want to get as much grant money as you are able to but need to be careful as there are spies everywhere!

Get Set:
  • The party has been invited to a grand ball to discuss their new inventions. This a multinational meeting that may have global impact. Some of the world’s most renown scientists, inventors and scholars will be there as well as ambassadors from each of the respective nations.
  • The Spanish in particular are very interested in your designs and wish to possibly make a deal which may make you very rich but there are spies everywhere!  The British may make a better offer but then so might the Americans. Being a free agent has its rewards but is also very dangerous in your line of work.
  • Use your charms to get the best deal you can and your wits to keep you alive. There are many who want your secrets. Who can you really trust?
  • The setting is in Masterson Arms - a large manse high in the Himalayan mountains. Your party arrives by airship as does the majority of the guests. Once inside the doors are locked and the party – and negotiations begin.
  • The manse will remain locked for the duration of the weekend.
  • You and your party are shown to their respective staterooms. The rooms are cozy and contain all the necessary elements.

  • The Spanish are indeed interested in paying for the invention but the British are also interested. One or both of them will have spies and possibly an assassin whose job it is to make it look like the other nation was the murderer.
  • The pc’s are not the only inventors at the ball and they may rub elbows with the likes of Littleton or even Tesla himself!

Notable NPCs:
  • There are four emissaries from each nation (lvl4 Experts) and one ambassador (lvl8 aristocrat). The nations represented are United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and America. One or all of these nations may have spies masquerading as the experts.
  • There are five other parties vying for the interest and money of the various nations. They are of equivalent level and ability to the party. These include inventors, scientists and spies.
  • The Mansion has a staff of twenty-five individuals (lvl 2 Commoners) who function as butlers, maids, and are effectively the ‘help’.
  • The host of the party is James Curry (lvl 6 fighter), a man representing his own interests who is equally interested in the inventions of the players. He claims he is from the Republic of Texas and is interested in obtaining the invention for his freedom fighters.


  1. That's well done. I love the mix - we get espionage and whodunnit, but the sense of a weird technology and a global elite, and that airship really stamps its mark on the mood. I think the locking is a clever touch too, keeping things stewing, but also daring everyone involved to flout it.

  2. Thanks porky. The airship is to convey that they are remote and far from civilization.

  3. Wow--this is something that we could see fitting into Wermspittle quite nicely. But that particular setting is on hold until we get more artwork completed for the zeppelin schematics...

  4. The world of When the Navy Walked is a vast and imaginative plane. Have you read about it? I know right now it is only a miniature game but all of that is changing. I like to create a world not just a place to play for a few hours.