Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dragonlance - 100 Years Later

Well the Stargate game never left the planet. We decided to call it quits after several false starts. I am afraid that the ladies really want me to run fantasy. Now I've been asked to run in a campaign world that I have never ran in before - Dragonlance. Well you know that I like to make it different so I've decided to let the gnomes have really gone bonkers over the years. While the game will still be highish fantasy it will also have a final fantasy element with the rise in technology to it.  Here's what I came up with for the guys. We start Friday.

Since I am so lucky to have so many great DMs and GMs, game designers, visioncasters and dreamers on my blog I am asking for your help. What do you think would be a good mix in the game? I want to offer a good solid Margaret and Tracy Dragonlance but have a bit of a twist with the Final Fantasyeque elements such as swordguns and the like. What do you recommend for stating the above races? Minotaurs are much different in Krynn than they are in other realms. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.

Here's the down and dirty for the game with what I've decided so far bearing in mind that Dragonlance is always about self-discovery:

  • System - Pathfinder
  • The game will start in the old city of Palanthas about a hundred years after the war of the lance. Paladinsine did not die and Takhesis was defeated and put back into the Abyss. The game will have a Final Fantasy feel to it and there will be trains and other modes of transportation that have been created by the tinker gnomes. Sometimes it works.
  • First level characters.
  • Any alignment. (talk with me if you want to play anything other than neutral or good)
  • We will roll for ability scores 3d6 assign as desired.
  • Standard starting equipment.
  • Players can be of any class from any of the Core or Supplemental (Ultimate) Pathfinder books including Magus and Gun Mages. I have all the pdfs and books we need.
  • Players can be from any of the following races:
    • Human
    • Kender
    • Tinker Gnome
    • Mad Gnome
    • Silvanesti Elf (Highborn Elf)
    • Qualinesti Elf (Lowborn Elf)
    • Kagnesti Elf (Wild Elf)
    • Dimernesti Elf (Sea/Shoal Elf)
    • Half Elf
    • Hill Dwarf
    • Mountain Dwarf
    • Gully Dwarf
    • Irda
    • Minotaur
  • On Arcane Magic
    • There are now five towers of high sorcery as Druidism has emerged as well as TechnoMagic (Gun Mages and the like).
    • Any arcane class must pass the test of high sorcery at 3rd level. Mages will be required to specialize based on the robe color they end up wearing and gun mages will automatically become blue robes.
    • Each mage must select at least 1/4 of their spells from their robe's chosen school: White Robes - Divination, Red Robes - Evocation, Black Robes - Necromancy. Magus and Gun Mages have a different set of spell lists that they must adhere to.
  • On Divine Magic
    • Druids will automatically become green robes and all clerics will be called Holy Order of the Stars.
    • Inquisitors will be Holy Inquisitors of the Righteous and will have similar ranks to all the other classes in the game.
I am new to running Dragonlance and am looking forward to the challenge.

Here are some resources for the players:


  1. A question that might be worth asking is, "why Dragonlance?" Is it just the races? The backstory? The romantic plotlines that permeated the novels? Because if they want something and you give them something else (like Eberron, from the sound of it), then they may not be too happy with the campaign.

  2. Good question wqrobb. They have already heard the pitch and they like the idea. I am by no means doing Eberron. Many settings have airships etc and I played final fantasy well before Eberron ever came out. At any rate they want the feel of Dragonlance which what I am trying to go for here. They also like the races and backstory. They like the high magic tests etc. Honestly though only one of the players is that much into Dragonlance so I do have some wiggle room as far as that goes.

  3. I love the idea of DL fast forwarded. Out of the three big name settings (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk), DL I really liked up until the weirdness of time travel and most of the post War of the Lance shennanigans. I would love to hear more about this, perhaps even use this for my own game.

  4. I am planning on looking through the 3.5 Dragonlance book (maybe it was 3.0) and see if I can convert some of it to pathfinder. I can post the stats here for the races if you want.

    On the classes front, Dragonlance does a very good job of making a name for every level for every class. I like that and will continue to do that with the classes in the game. I will have to come up with a sequence or series of names. The Knights of Solomnia etc.

    WQRobb makes a good point and I may very well use the rules for airships in Eberron but change the power sources etc.

    What other suggestions do you guys have?

  5. We made characters last night. Heres what we made.

    Human spellslinger
    Kagnesti ranger
    Irda cleric of Mishakal
    Silvensti Evoker
    Tinker Gnome Alchemist
    Kender Rogue
    Human fighter archer
    Minotaur barbarian

    I found a neat resource for converting the dl races called lancefinder but I changed some of the stats for them so fit in better with my idea of Kyrnn. For instance the Kenders are always completely immune to all fear attacks and effects. I will post more as we get more.