Thursday, September 1, 2011

Click... - Mr Johnson's Farm

Thought this would be fun to do on the blog.

The "rules" for those who haven't played before are as follows. This is a transcription of a radio broadcast as someone is driving along a highway. Stations fade in and out, hence the wide variety of what is found. Easily bored, the driver need only push a radio button, and it clicks to the next station.

The system works best when you leave a half finished sentence when you "click" so the next guy can pick up and complete it with some nonsense that simultaneously does not fit but dovetails and completes the sentence. You can do just a one liner, or longer prose as you see fit. You can resume your clicked off story at a later point in the broadcast.

Game runs until it doesn't. At some point, the radio won't pick up anymore stations.

"Hello, and welcome to news of the town. This Mr. Johnson's tractor supply store was found burned to the ground. With the discovery of a book of half used matches and several empty gas cans scattered around the scene authorities suspect arson but are baffled as to who would do such a thing. Mr Johnson was a leader of the town and a well respected man. He whereabouts are unknown but authorities suspect that he's...(click)"


  1. "... the other half of a vaudeville act currently setting the theatrical landscape alight, packing theatres across the rural midwest... (click)"

  2. "...Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Now here comes the kick off and it's Leavenworth rising to the occasion. Look at that pass! Right you are Ken, the.Rams are going to have a heck of a time beating the ..." Click..