Friday, August 26, 2011

Your Old Friend from the Ezine Days

You know me. That's right you really do. I've been writing to you in one form or another now for many years. I was lucky enough to be involved in the development of Obsidian Studio's project RPG called CORE. It was Sean Patrick Fannon's brainchild Shaintar that really took off out of it though and during those years I really got to know some good folks. I have since been in the industry and have at times helped write parts of other RPGS. I can say that much of my material on the Goblinesh was used in Shaintar. I also have credits with Ambush Alley Games and am currently developing several lines under my company The ArmChair General. What can I say? I was born to design games, tell stories and write!

What you might not know is that I also wrote for several EZines years ago among them Silven Trumpeter and TempesT's Lore. I am looking for said EZine issues in which I contributed. One, since they are now out of print I would like to put the articles on my blog here as DM Help and two I am putting together my writing portfolio. So if anyone out there can help me with this task if you have any of the aforementioned articles laying about please send them to me so that I might find the old stories about Arris Braxis (Bio of a Madman), Making NPC Fun, Alternatives to Experience Points (Several articles), Monsters of the Sands and others.

Also keep an eye and several teeth out for It Came From Beyond the Still (Aliens versus Hillbillies), Black Flags and Merchantmen and the upcoming When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates!


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