Friday, August 12, 2011

WTNW: Earthin and Venus/Mercury

I know that our fan base is still somewhat small but with the release of the new miniature line and the update to the rules I am expecting it will only continue to grow. As my core fans and friends you should all know that we are currently finishing up Airships and Skypirates the second supplement for When the Navy Walked. I have pushed for three books a year and to that end we have started on the Earthin supplement covering the Inner Earth and the Fallen as well as the Venus/Mercury supplement featuring the Venus mentioned in The Aethergraph's latest issue at Victoria's Boys in Red.

For those of you who are new to When the Navy Walked you can check out the reviews yourselves at The Porkster, Board Game Geek and at War Game Vault.

When I started off with this project I decided from the very start that I wanted to have something that would be usable by everyone for their own worlds as well as have a concrete universe built that contains enough history and information to be playable but not too much to detract from the game.

To this end we are starting on the third and fourth supplements to the core rules. Have you ever wanted to take part in world building? Well now's your time to chime in and be heard. What would you like to see in Earthin? What would you like to see in Venus/Mercury. At this point I do have a strong idea of where I would like to go but the beautiful thing about fantasy and VSF is that it can be altered. If your idea is used you will be credited in the book.

Thank you

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