Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming SG1 Villain

Next Saturday we will sit down and make up characters for the Stargate SG1 game and then watch the Stargate movie. It is my intention to have the characters newly recruited to replace the former SG3 who disappeared on P3X187. They will be completely new to the Stargate Command and will not know about operational procedures or anything else for that matter. This will give me a good amount of leeway in roleplaying General Hammond and the other SGC personnel.

For the first game I am going to have them approached individually and offered the chance to join the SCG. It will be very cloak and dagger. A black sedan pulls up to their house or place of work and a couple of people get out and tell the character to come with them. Then they will be escorted offsite.

Once inside a room they will be asked some questions to gauge their mental acuity and ability at which point their dossiers will be pulled out and tossed Matrix style on the table and they will be asked once if they are interested in joining a special operation that is of the utmost importance to the security of the USA and the world. After that they will all meet in a secured facility and be flown out to Cheyenne Mountain and introduced to the SGC. There they will be assigned the designation of SG3 and they will build their team. 

The beautiful thing about Stargate are there are so many villains out there already.  My thought is to use the history that is steeped in ancient Egyptian tradition and use the pharaoh Akhenaten as the main villain. Obviously he will be a gou'uld but there is just so much here that will be useful. For one thing he could be on the run from the System Lords since he was literally shunned by his people in real life. He worshiped Aton the sun and was generally despised by all those that followed.

Any ideas on what I could do to make Akhenaten stand out among the others and not just be another Gou'uld (as fun as that may be).

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  1. How about a Gou'uld with Multiple Personality disorder? Most of the time he is coherent and reasonable then when stressed he fugues into the darkest of sadistic meglomanic psychotics.

    He would contact the SGC and want to ally with them against the system lords. SG3 would be sent to verify this claim, when a system lord assassin attacks Akenathen. He fugues and orders the death of SG3. Then they have to make it back through the now heavily defended gate. A rescue attempt from the SGC would be a suicide mission, they have to make it out on their own.

    They could meet/start the resistance movement to Akenathen.

    Steal a cargo transport and make a run to another world with a gate.

    Trick their way to the gate and through it.

    Fight their way to the gate and dial home.

    Once they make it back to SGC, Akhenaten contacts them agains and says that it all was a misunderstanding and he still wants to ally. As a good faith gesture he provides access to some Ancient information and promises more once they are allies.

    Because of their previous knowledge of him SG3 is sent again to try and deal with him.

    just some ideas


  2. @ColKG Hey those are great ideas! I think I will use some of them. Maybe I'll toss in that the System Lords try to contact SGC during the course of it to offer them technology to give them Akhenaten.

  3. I like your double deal option. Nothing like a good snatch and grab operation and trade him for some good intell. Then you have to ask yourself "If the system lords hate him so much why don't they just kill him? Why do the system lords want him alive? Sure they just might want to torture him to death and take a long time doing it but maybe he has something or knows something the System lords either want or need for their own machinations." Maybe it would be in the SGCs best interest to bring Akhenaten back and put him in "protective custody" until they find out why the System lords what him alive.

    This opens up more options.
    In the SGC at least two groups.
    One, the "let them have him" group. Give him up, get the tech from the system lords and charlie mike. The Universe is better with one less snake head.

    Two The dasiy eaters, it would be wrong to turn him over for possible torture or murder, what about his host?, yes he is a bad guy but turning him over sends us down the same road as the system lords.

    Another would be an outside group learns of the snatch and sends it own team to kidnap Akhenaten for their own plans, once he is on Earth and being held in an undisclosed place for debriefing.

    If Akhenaten is removed what happens in the power void left behind. Will the resistance movement be able to administer his possessions, will another system lord move in and set up shop or another group like the Lucian alliance move in. What will the SGC do in any of the above cases?

    Always more options any way you go.