Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VIV

Session VIV - 8/2/11
In Town
Quinlan reads the letter. This is a personal letter to his mother and is out of character but fun for his player Jaz to share. The party talks with Don Julian to discuss setting up a base of operations and a business to sell goods. They are told that they will be required to pay taxes to the local government and to the Baron of the region and to register with the guild. Approx a 5% monthly tax on their establishment, 2% local sales and 5% state sales tax paid monthly.

They also discuss returning to the cave and what they can do to help the town. The Don seems very interested in and willing to help the party in setting up their base of operations and their business but he warns them not to seek power in the town as the town has been around for many years and the party would be stepping on many toes to get into a position of power in the town. He however thanks them for their generosity and help with clearing the mine and the orcs.

Return to the Cave (Sticky Situation)
They return to the cave and Tyne uses an unseen servant to hold a rock with a light spell so that they can see without having to hold the light source. Unfortunately the random monster rolled in the cave was a gelatinous cube and all except Meg fail to see the ooze. Meg almost walks into the ooze and Tyne is knocked down and paralyzed (it is always Tyne for some reason) and before the cube can move over her she is tossed aside by Meg who trying to help hurts her friend more.

After another round of combat the cube has successfully engulfed Tyne and destroyed her leather armor and bow and is on the way of destroying the rest of her non-metal items when Quilan reaches in and forces a potion down the throat of his friend and is wounded by the acid in the cube for his efforts though he does manage to save and stabilize his friend.

Meanwhile Sig and Meg are tearing the cube a new one and managing to dodge out of the way of its pseudopods while delivering telling blows that slice the ooze. After five rounds of combat the party finally manages to defeat the ooze. The ooze had 20 gp and a rod of python.

XP Awarded
 - Gelatinous Cube CR 3 = 900 xp
 - Roleplaying CR 2 = 600

Total XP = 1500 xp / 4 = 375 ea

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