Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VIII

Session VIII  7/25/11
Return of the Heroes
That night the party returns to the town to a welcoming village. Tyne is welcomed and tended to by the acolytes of AO Sonja and Vera. The party is given a warm reception and provided a hot meal and hot baths where they consult with one another and Meg tells them about the conversation she overheard regarding the meeting of Kol and the female 'Ducat'.

The party meets downstairs in the Inn to discuss their plans. While they are planning they are ambushed by three hobgoblins one of which tosses an alchemist fire into the room and sets it ablaze! Quinlan uses her magic to put the flame out while Sigrid, Meg and Tyne do battle with the hobgoblins. A few rounds later their enemies lay dead.

Quinlan scouts the room and finds a trapdoor under the table and a picture that was recently moved at the top of the stairs. The picture is of the family of the Inn Keeper. Moving the picture they find a door that leads to a cellar and inside the cellar they find a hole has been blasted into it from an underground cavern. They report what they found  and tell the keeper about House Ducatand continued to explore the cavern.

In the Cavern
Randomly rolled 6 fiendish dire rats. The party scouts the room and finds an old statue that appears to be an amazon woman. There is writing on the statue but they are not able to read it as it is damaged writing. The writing is celestial. After a quick search of the room the rats finally attack. A battle ensues which leaves Tyne with filth fever. Meg and Tyne finish the rats to the song of the bard Quinlan.

Down the corridor they find that the doors to an entrance have been knocked off their hinges. They are in an unworked cave. The doors seem strange. They find a brazier that contains druidic symbols which they are unable to read. The door behind them has the words "The Sanctuary of the Forest Dweller" but they find that it is trapped and do not want to deal with the trap so continue onward.

Sigrid takes point and leads the party to a steep decline that they have to navigate. They spend several hours in the caverns twisting and turning until they find a pile of gold. The gold amounts to 150gp and is neatly piled next to a stream. Further down the stream they find stockpiles of orc weapons which they toss into the stream. Emerging from the hole they see the orc down below. They are at the top of the north hill. The orcs were stockpiling weapons. They return to warn the village.

XP Awarded
 - Hobgoblins CR2 = 600xp
 - Trap CR 1 = 100 xp
 - Dire Rats CR 2 = 600 xp
 - Roleplaying CR 2 = 600 xp

Total XP = 2200 / 3 = 734 each

Meg was not present this game and the DM played her character.

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