Monday, August 15, 2011

SG1 Rise of the Sun - Character Creation

I just finished reading the full campaign book and some of the System Lord book two. I am really excited about char gen this week and getting to really get into it with the players.

When I run I like to create an easy sheet for character creating so that all players have their options readily spelled out to them. I have done so for this SG1 campaign which I am calling Rise of the Sun.

I am basically allowing the players use any macro specality and species except the Asgard and any Goa'uld or any jaffa other than Shol'va. This will allow players the choice of Shol'va Jaffa, Tok'Ra, Reol and near humans like the Cimmerian or Tollan in addition to Tauri. This should be very interesting indeed! I am posting the guidelines here for reference and for your own use.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Character for the Rise of the Sun campaign.
I. Assign abilities: 10,11,12,14,16,18 (assign these scores as you see fit)
II. Race: Decide if you want to be human (Tauri), Near Human, Shol’va Jaffa, Tok’ra, Reol.
III. Base Class: Choose a basic class (Explorer, Guardian (Jaffa Only), Pointman, Scientist, Scout or Solider.
IV. Select Macro Specialty/Macro Species:
a. Air-Force – Air Force Officer, Air Force Technician, Enlisted Air Force Recruit, Pararescue.
b. Army -  Army Officer, Army Ranger, Army Technician, Enlisted Army Recruit.
c. Marine – Enlisted Marine, Force Reconnaissance, Marine Officer, Marine Technician.
d. Navy -  Enlisted Navy Recruit, Naval Officer, Naval Technician, SEAL.
e. NID – Restricted for this campaign.
f. Civilian Specialist
g. Diplomatic Corps
h. Engineer Corps
i. Russian Unit
j. Asgard – Restricted for this campaign.
k. Jaffa – Shol’va Rebel
l. Near Human – See DM to build.
m. Reol – Alien Observer, Fugitive Reol, Reol Mole
n. Tok’Ra – Tok’ra Undercover Operative, Tok’ra Warrior
V. Figured Stats: Calculate and record Fort, Will, Ref, Vitality, Wounds, Intuitive
VI. Select Skills and Feats
VII. Answer these questions both what and why.
a. Name three traits you would like to see in your character
b. Name three traits your character doesn’t like in someone else
c. Where was your character born, and when?
d. What is your ideal character’s specialty?
e. What does your character look like?
f. Does your character have any quirks?
g. What does your character love most?
h. What are your character’s favorite things?
i. What was the most important event in your character’s life?
j. What does your character think of the Stargates?
k. What is your character’s motivation?

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  1. After character creation Friday it looks like we are going to have the following:

    Mel - SG3 US Marine Enlisted Solider
    Randy - SG3 US Marine Officer Scout
    Listel - SG3 Civilian Scientist
    Pop - SG3 Tok'Ra Infiltrator Scientist