Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Came from Beyond the Still - Rules Nearing Completion

I stayed up last last night writing the rules for each faction for the game. The game is nearing completion at my end. All that is left for the factions are the McCoys, the Authorities and the "Others". Then I will write up some scenarios then its off to the layout artist with the fine artwork from Scrying Eye Games and Eli Arndt. You will have to wait and get the game to see what the 'Others' might be. As a special treat here's a sneak peak at a little of the introduction to the game.

A Message from the Aliens

“Greetings earthling, I am Neuron, what you pathetic mammals would call a gray alien. Somehow, don’t ask me how, but you’ve managed to score a copy of these rules and with them all our secrets and weapons. If you try really hard I expect you can put it to good use in your inevitable deaths. Who knows, maybe you can use it to make one final pathetic stand against what will ultimately prove to be the extinction of your species but first you need to know this… we’re watching.


  1. Blimey - you kept this quiet! Sounds tight and it'll be good to see what you've done.