Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hillbillies and Aliens

Wrote up a quick game today that takes about an hour to play. It's Hillbillies and Aliens although the game is so simple it would work with just about anyone and Aliens. I'll put it together and put a nice cover on it and put it up as a couple dollar download on Wargamevault. I think small cheap games might be a nice way to get some of these ideas out there that I've had. Special thanks to Dan Van Horn and Rick Weaver for some of the ideas and of course Aliens, Farmers, Hillbillies and cows everywhere...

 I played the McCoys and the Hatfields and Rick played the aliens watched from their cabin nearby. I guess they didn't want to get their shiny new truck damaged by the alien robot or the alien's ray guns. The Aliens objective was to get five samples from the critters or stunned humans and the humans objective was to survive and to eliminate as many aliens as they could.

Turn one had the Aliens landing and sending out search parties for pigs and chickens. Cousin Bob the drunk heard the aliens but no one would believe him until jim saw the robot walking in the distance.

Turn two we had a little bit of ray gun versus shot gun exchange and each side took some hits.

Turn three Rick got his first and second sample from pigs and a stunned and out of the game grandpa who before he went down took one of the varmits with him with his double barreled shot gun.

Turn four had Suzy taking on one of the aliens (the aliens had names but I cannot remember them because they mind wiped me) but unfortunately for her she was out gunned and went down after firing her shotgun.

Turn five had the aliens getting another dna sample from the pigs and taking one from poor suzy. The robot was charged by Jim and Cousin gary provided pistol cover as Jim slammed the metallic monster with his 2x4. The robot's claws tore into Jim causing him to retreat.

The next turn the robot used his heat ray to destroy drunk bob and sadly only mom remainder with sonny boy and baby. The chase was on as they chased the aliens who had acquired their ill-gotten samples back to their ufo and escaped to the sequel.


  1. Looks like fun: them alien varmints are always interferin' with the cows!

  2. @Caliban - We're actually working on the rules for this right now. It'll gonna be a varmit killin good time you can bet your best pig on that!