Friday, August 5, 2011

CoTS - World Stone - Session V

The evil illithids and beholders are still working to sunder the World Stone. As our heroes venture deeper into the caverns can they find enough treasure and potions to sustain them as they take on the villainous mind flayers and beholders and stop them from destroying the World Stone and thereby save Faerun from a second cataclysm!

The world stone is in the far right corner with the Ice Beholder.

Edit: In a climatic battle in which several almost met the grim fate of death and more than one was returned from the brink they won. They defeated the grimlocks, beholders, Eye Tyrant, Illithids and their Hook Horror servants as well as the Illithid Savant named Baihir and stopped them from sundering the world stone. So ends the seventh campagin for the Chronicles of the Six. They all leveled and will be retiring their characters for a while. Ariadine Moonshadow settles down with her library taken from the Illithids and her travels in a tower just outside of Silverymoon.

Grusk takes up the mantle of Kelemvor and is charged with aiding the mission of the Doom Guides in ensuring souls are delivered to their rightful places. He is given this task along with several high ranking doom guides.

Kreek and Marcus settle down and return to Silverymoon to raise their family. Kreek opens a winery and continues in her father's name while her husband becomes a world-reknown bard entertaining the masses.

Lavindra N'Toth returns to her keep and to the Queen Brennon of the Dales and rules with a just wisdom of the celestial host.

Farkus returns to his order of Knights of the Hawk and teaches the young knights the art all the while regaling them with stories of how he defeated the Hook Horror in one fell blow.

Jaraxthus and Chicory return to Waterdeep and open a college of mentalists. They are quickly approached by Kalban and adopted into the Watchers of Waterdeep.

Lance's story is told in the annals of the lords of Lathander. In the Spires of Morning his tales are regaled and revered by those that knew him as he fell fighting the dark evil of Dracula.

Xula is reunited with her people although the Shadowlords have taken a portion of the Anaruch desert and begun to transform it into their own paradise of shadow her people are at least safe from the slavers of the Zhents.

The woman from Chult and the princess from Calimshan continue to make out their existence in the realms never knowing that their world was almost destroyed.

Therin continues to serve as Mask's emissary and spy and every now and then checks on his friends in Faerun.

Daldoth returns to Obold Many Arrows to tell of the tales of the brave heroes from Silverymoon and to warn of further attack against the Lady of Silver. Daldoth remains devoted to doing Gruumsh's dirty work.

The Rot Lord and the 13 necrolords wait in another realm for 1,000 years to be reborn to once again challenge Kelemvor's rule over the dead.

The iconic monsters of Ravenloft continue to be taunted by the dark powers never knowing that their own fate rests within their own selfish ambition.

For our heroes there is rest... For our villains there is justice... The world is once again a somewhat lawful and peaceful place.

EPIC STORYARC - The Chronicles of the Six

  • Ariadine Moonshadow - Silver Elf Archmage of Mystra
  • Grusk - Monk of Kelemvor (Demigod)
  • Kreek Tellune (Eveningstar) - Ranger of Melikki
  • Marcus Tellune - Chandothan Bard/Ranger
  • Lavindra N'Toth - Drow Mage/Divine Channeler
  • Lace - Chandothan Radiant Light Cleric of Lanthander
  • Jaraxathus - Illuskan Master Enchanter
  • Xula - Fighter of the Bedine Tribe
  • Farkus Frakus - Warrior of the Hawk Arts
  • Quia - Chultian warrior and guide
  • Therin - Gnome Shadowdancer
  • Daldoth - Orc warrior of Grummsh
  • Whisper - Gnome Rogue/Mage from Kartakass
  • Vortigern the doppelganger (ongoing until about Chult)
  • Orc Alliance
  • Dungeonland (Alice and Wonderland like setting)
  • Yuan-ti and the Orcs
  • Chult Campaign against the Yuan-ti and Naga
  • Chult Campaign against the Wolf Lord
  • Ravenloft and the Adult Black Dragon
  • Ravenloft and the Riddle of Harkon Lucas
  • Escape from Ravenloft and the Beastlands
  • Dreamlands
  • Return to Chult
  • Journey to Calimshan
  • Thick and Thieves
  • Battle of the Rot Lord
  • World Stone
Our campaign lasted from March 2009 to August 2011. The highest level was 18th and the lowest was 16th. So ends the first tales of the Chronicles of the Six.

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