Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTNW Figures & Core Facelift Update

The first eight skus for the miniatures had a bit of a setback due to the Canadian Postal Strike but we're back on track for getting them spin cast and ready for sale! The Leader figures for the four nations are currently being sculpted and will be available sometime after the first eight skus hit the shelves!

The Core book is looking fantastic! The book looks so much better with James' artwork and with a two column layout I must say. The scenarios and additional player help seems to fit it all together nicely for new players and for people that want to jump right in! Look for the new version of Core on pdf soon!

Thank you to all our fans, without whom WTNW would be completely without of steam.


  1. Good news. It's been quiet on the WtNW front lately, but it's the calm before the storm I see. I was glad to read this too:

  2. Any chance this will be available as a pdf? $30 is lot to drop on something I'm not completely sold on.

  3. Yes all of our titles are available on Wargamevault as pdf downloads. In fact, we are participating in the current summer sale!