Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanna Be A Pirate?

Aye, are ye too lubber ta get wet? If'n ye like adventure on the high seas then this Friday yer wanna go come and see fer yerself. Yer matey here is hosting a pirate game using a rules that arg not yet ready fer distribution but argh still in development. The set will use thar fine Arsenale Shipwork line of sailing vessels. We set sail at 7pm. The Spanish have a legend about a hidden city deep in the Jungles of the Spanish Main. If yer brave enough ta take on fellow pirates, natives and monsters then plunder, fame and fortune await ye but beware the Spanish have a saying about those that cross the Gobbos!

The adventure awaits! Set sail 7pm EST or ye a scallywag of a devil's belly!


  1. Dave Cooper @ valleyfire said "To bad i cant play via Skype now that would be really Cool!! Especially since i am finally back in the right time zzone!! Saw the new Pirates movies while I was in Scotland"

    Not sure Skype would work that well but we could try it sometime. There's just something about gaming in person that is much more tactile.

  2. JM says "I am going to try an make it.
    However it is still vague as to what the game is. Cosplay? ARRR you & Mel dressin as a pyrates? RPG? Waste im with my cutlass!!!!!
    25/28mm land battle? Or 15mm? Naval Ship combat? ARRR fire when she bearrrrs. Cardboard pirate ship game? Combination naval/boarding/land action?"

    It is a 28mm miniature skirmish game like pulp or pig wars or samurai skirmish. So come out and buckle your very tiny little swash.

  3. I posted those two notes to let people know that there are other's interested in coming. Now if you were wanting to see if people are coming then you know that there are people coming. I hope my friends Dave and JM do not mind. Those messages were received via email.